62 Of The Best Fathers Day Gifts Approved By Dads For Dads

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It can be notoriously hard to find the best fathers day gifts. Especially if you have a stubborn “I don’t want anything” type of dad. Lucky for you, there are resources these days, so you don’t have to do the whole brainstorming thing on your own. 

We scoured the internet for the best fathers day gifts for dads of all types, and the results are in; there are plenty of fantastic fathers day gifts out there. To help you on your buying journey, we found over 50 of the best father’s day gift ideas the internet has to offer. You’re welcome. 

Dad will love whatever you find, but see if you can make this his best father’s day yet by grabbing him one of the many amazing gifts we listed in this buying guide. So stop stressing, keep scrolling, and wow your family this year with your fantastic gift choice.

Our Top Picks
Best Father’s Day Gift for Stubborn Dads:
Gift of Nothing at Amazon
Best Father’s Day Gift for Pool Dads:
Pool Shirt at CDLP
Best Father’s Day Gift for Adventure Dads:
Forét X Stanley Bottle at End
Best Father’s Day Dad Hat:
Mini Signature Cap at Axel Arigato
Best Simple Fathers Day Gift:
Vegetable Socks at Dedicated
Best Father’s Day Glasses Gift for Dads:
Harry Aviator Glasses at Roderer
Best Fathers Day Gift for Eco Dads:
Washed Short Pants at Neutrale
Best Fathers Day Grooming Kit:
Marlowe. Best Sellers Kit at Amazon
Best Fathers Day Gift for Vacation Dads:
Men’s Swim Trunks Formentera at Calzedonia
Best Fathers Day Gift from Son:
Outdoor Beer Table Stake at Amazon

1. Best Father’s Day Gift for Stubborn Dads

So your dad said he wants nothing for father’s day? If that’s what he wants, sometimes that’s exactly what you should deliver. Bring him one of the perfect gifts for dad who wants nothing while still giving him something. Also, remember that you’re literally paying for nothing, which itself is a solid joke. Maybe next time, he won’t be so damn stubborn.

Gift of Nothing

2. Best Father’s Day Gift for Pool Dads: CDLP Pool Shirt

Chances are that, just like everyone else, your dad put on some weight since covid. If he sized up, that means he needs new warm-weather lounge clothes, and summer is almost here. Help him cleanse his closet with these lightweight, relaxed-fit shirts. CDLP makes them with the legendary high quality they’re known for, so they’ll last him for years. 

CDLP Pool Shirt

3. Best Father’s Day Gift for Adventure Dads: Forét X Stanley Bottle

The world is full of adventure dads who never lose their love of new experiences. If your dad is a wandering soul, he needs a good bottle to stay hydrated. This classic option from Stanley and FORÉT will keep his water ice cold all day, and the words printed near the bottom will remind him to “SLOW DOWN” and stay hydrated.

Forét X Stanley Bottle

4. Best Father’s Day Dad Hat: Axel Arigato Mini Signature Cap

It’s no secret that men in the U.S. love baseball caps, which doesn’t change when they become dads. If anything, it intensifies. This slick baseball cap will appeal to dads everywhere with its minimalistic beauty and lets onlookers know just what a fashionable father he is. 

Axel Arigato Mini Signature Cap

5. Best Simple Father’s Day Gift: Dedicated Vegetable Socks 

Socks: the age-old simple gift. The thing about socks, though, is that guys constantly lose them and therefore constantly need to be gifted new ones. Don’t let your dad continue to wear mismatched socks all the time just because he refuses to buy new ones. Get him these vegetable, colorful socks instead. Dedicated Vegetable Socks

6. Best Father’s Day Glasses Gift for Dads: Roderer Harry Aviator Glasses

Plenty of dads wear sunglasses to protect their eyes and make a fashion statement. If you think your dad would look badass in a new pair of aviators, why not get him the sickest pair on the market? Roderer’s Harry Aviator glasses will make him the coolest dad on the block (unless they have the same aviators).

Roderer Harry Aviator Glasses

7. Best Father’s Day Gift for Eco Dads: Neutrale Washed Shorts Pants

More and more dads out there are becoming ecologically conscious with their purchases. Sustainable clothes and polyester blends don’t suck anymore, so they don’t have to sacrifice comfort and quality to be eco-friendly. Neutrale made these insanely comfy shorts with 100% certified organic cotton. They’re also pesticide-free, vegan, and even produced with reduced water use. Make hippy dads everywhere happy. 


8. Best Father’s Day Grooming Kit: Marlowe. Best Sellers Kit

Everyone needs to keep up with their grooming routines, even dads. Marlowe put together their “best sellers” kit that every man needs, especially dads who don’t get much time for self-care. 

The kit comes with facial cleanser to help his skin look and feel fresh, some water-based moisturiser to keep his face hydrated, and a deep cleansing bar soap to smoothen and clean his body.

MARLOWE. Best Sellers Kit

9. Best Father’s Day Gift for Vacation Dads: Calzedonia Formentera Swim Shorts

Just because your dad wants to go for a swim on his vacation doesn’t mean he needs to sacrifice style. These luxurious swim trunks from Italian designer Calzedonia will keep him looking chic whether he’s laid out on the beach, taking a dip, or swaying through the tide on a paddleboard. Just make sure he likes to show off his thighs; these ride high but are oh so fashionable. 

Calzedonia Men’s Swim Trunks Formentera

10. Best Overall Father’s Day Gift: Custom Royalty Portraits for Men

This year, why not get dad something totally different than past years? Maybe something that will speak to his patriarchal ego? A custom royalty portrait is just the thing to make him smile, and it’s sure to be his favorite new household decoration. It’s unique, fun, and will get laughs from everyone in the family for years to come. You can also get a portrait with multiple royal/military family members if you want the whole crew in on the fun.   

Custom Royalty Portraits for Men

11. Best Father’s Day Gift from Daughter: A Dozen Reasons I Love You, Dad 

No, Dad, it’s not raining on your face, and we know you haven’t been cutting onions. Daughters know it doesn’t take much for dad to get sappy when you break out the feelings. If that sounds like the dad on your list, this is the perfect gift to let those waterworks flow. This handsome little wooden container holds tiny messages containing the many reasons you love your dad. 

A Dozen Reasons I Love You, Dad

12. Best Father’s Day Gift from Son: Outdoor Beer Table Stake

If you’ve ever asked your dad what they want for a gift, you may have heard the classic response of “nothing”(so helpful, Dad). This beer drinkers’ fathers day gifts set is one gift perfect for dads who want “nothing.” It is lightweight and composed of premium wood, making it easy to pack into any bag and load quickly.

Now you can give him what he actually wants; spending some time with his son outside drinking beer. Assuming you’re beer drinking age (we won’t tell). 

Outdoor Beer Table Stake

13. Best Personalized Father’s Day Gift: ArtPix 3D Personalized Crystal Photo

Two gifts dads adore most are picture frames (assumedly with pictures in them) and cutting-edge tech. ArtPix combines both of those fatherly favorites with their personalized crystal photo. In total layman terms, a sappy picture of your choice is basically 3D printed inside a crystal. Getting a larger one is a little pricey but will amaze any father who receives it.   

ArtPix 3D Personalized Crystal Photo

14. Best Father’s Day Gift on Amazon: ThreeWitts Engraved Pocket Knife

Dads embody the “better safe than sorry” lifestyle more than most, so they’re guaranteed to love multi-purpose pocket knives. It comes with a seatbelt/car seat cutter and glass breaker for automobile emergencies, a flashlight and fire starter in case they get lost in the woods, and a bottle opener to bust open a beer when the drama is over. Don’t forget to add a sweet and/or silly message from you on it. Voila! His new favorite knife. 

ThreeWitts Engraved Pocket Knife

15. Best Step Dad Father’s Day Gift: Metal Tin Bonus Dad Sign

“Bonus dad” is one of the sweetest terms we’ve ever heard for a stepdad. Show your stepdad exactly how you feel with this tin sign featuring a ridiculously sentimental poem. It might be too “live, laugh, love” for his man cave, but he’ll be happy to see it hanging in the living room or kitchen. Don’t be surprised if bonus dad cries this father’s day.

Metal Tin Bonus Dad Sign

16. Best Cool Father’s Day Gift: Bioluminescent Orb

When it comes to cool fathers day gifts, this bioluminescent octopus orb decoration may just take the cake. If he’s got a man cave, this is an obvious addition. Even if he doesn’t have one, this will be his new favorite knick-knack. The complete kit comes with a pack of bioluminescent algae that lights up when lightly shaken, so he can enjoy the wonders of nature every time he swirls his new orb.

Bioluminescent Orb

17. Best Father’s Day Gift for Grandpa: Gardener’s Tool Seat

Yes, father’s day is for grandpas too. And if yours is anything like mine, he spends more time in the garden than in the house. Now he can sit while trimming the shrubbery instead of hunching over and arching his back all day. Reward his green thumb and laid-back lifestyle with this Gardener’s tool set. He’ll have all his gardening tools in one place, thanks to its ample storage pockets.

Gardener's Tool Seat

18. Best Father’s Day Gift for Husband: Aly Lou Reasons I Love You: Father’s Day Edition

Another insanely adorable personalized gift for dad, this “Reasons I Love You” picture book will definitely melt his heart. This little bundle of joy is full of prompts to tell him why you think he’s so incredible and what makes him the best dad. He’s bound to cherish this for a lifetime.

Aly Lou Reasons I Love You: Father’s Day Edition

19. Best Affordable Father’s Day Gift: Katamco Toilet Timer  

They say the bathroom is the last bastion of man. For present-day parents, that only multiplies tenfold. Some dads would probably live in the bathroom if they could. Sorry bathroom dads, but with the Katamco Toilet Timer, you’re shit out of luck.

Get your dad the toilet timer if you’re tired of him hiding from life while you’re just trying to brush your teeth. It’s a small, shark-tanked funded business, too, and that’s always cool.

Katamco Toilet Timer

20. Best Funny Father’s Day Gift: Fandicto Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Not only is this one of those fathers day gifts that’s cheap, but it’s funny as hell. And it’s more than just a novelty gag—he can fit a few beers in this faux-flab. Now he can add another layer to his belly and use it to sneak drinks in whatever events he wants because who wants to pay 12$ for a domestic beer at concerts? Not dads, that’s for damn sure.

Fandicto Beer Belly Fanny Pack

21. Best First Father’s Day Gift: Letters from History Subscription

It doesn’t matter if he loved or hated history growing up; you automatically become a budding historian when you become a dad. This subscription is perfect for newer dads who’ve been slacking on their history lessons lately. Don’t be nervous if you find him binging on World War 2 documentaries in the middle of the night. It’s all part of fatherhood.

Letters From American History Subscription

22. Best Creative Father’s Day Gift: Mechanical Paper Plane Launcher

This paper plane launcher will get the most out of the paper airplanes you and your creative dad used to build together. The assembly isn’t easy, but crafty dads love to build things. It’s the perfect companion for the smartphone-controlled paper airplane in the next entry. With these two gifts combined, your backyard-pilot poppa will have the time of his life.

Mechanical Paper Plane Launcher

23. Best Father’s Day Gift for Backyard Pilots: Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Getting one of these fathers day gifts is like the paper airplane book dad got you as a kid—but on steroids. The set comes with ten sheets of carbon fiber paper so your airplanes won’t crumble on every crash. Just attach the miniature motor and propeller to his newly-minted jet, sync it with the included phone app, and watch him make the breeze his bitch. Piloting skills not included.

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

24. Best Unique Father’s Day Gift: Madok’s Interactive Treasure Hunt

As far as unique fathers day gifts go, considering an experience instead of something material is a great route to take. This interactive treasure hunt will turn his living room into a Dan Brown novel. Watch him explore the Caribbean (at home, of course), discover clues, and ask his experts, i.e., a team of AIs programmed for SMS adventures, for advice along the way. 

Madok’s Interactive Treasure Hunt

25. Best Cute Father’s Day Gift: Pig Eyeglasses Holder

Is your dad an avid reader? Then this silly pig eyeglasses holder might be one of the best father’s day gifts for him if you want something cute. It isn’t too cutesy colored that tough-guy dads will flee, and it’s practical enough to work on any dad’s bedside table. When he’s done reading for the night, he can pop his glasses onto his new porcine friend for safe keeping. Bonus points for irreverence if he’s a cop.

Pig Eyeglasses Holder

26. Best Hunting Father’s Day Gift: Rhino Blinds 3-Person Hunting Blind

So you’re planning on buying your hunting dad a hunting-related gift; why not make it something you can do together? If you’re also a hunter (or open to trying), grab this Rhino Blinds hunting blind that fits up to 3 people. This way, you guys can hang out and bond while you hide and wait on the perfect shot (RIP 10-point buck).

Rhino Blinds 3-Person Hunting Blind

27. Best Golf Father’s Day Gift: New York Times Personalized Golf History Book

If the dad you’re buying for is an avid golfer, he probably already has excellent clubs, carrying bags, and headcovers. But if he loves golf, he’ll love a golf history book. The personalization aspect is just a bonus. Dads love things with their names on them (Dad’s reading, you can attest to this).

New York Times Personalized Golf History Book

28. Best Photo Father’s Day Gift: Happy Father’s Day Photo Blanket

Personalized photo gifts for father’s day will never get old. No matter what it’s on, your dad will love anything with your/his kid’s face on them. Since photo gifts are on the menu, why not stick them on something he’ll use often? With this cozy blanket, he will be able to appreciate his family photos while staying comfy as hell. Sign us up. 

Happy Father’s Day Photo Blanket

29. Best Father’s Day Gift on Amazon: DDVWU Deep Tissue Massage Gun

There are a seemingly infinite amount of gifts on Amazon, but they aren’t all worth buying. At all. If you want to get dad something he’ll love this year and use that prime membership, then this deep tissue massage gun could be the best fathers day gifts for him. Muscle knots will melt away with the help of this beautiful piece of tech—dads with muscle pains, it’s time for celebration.

DDVWU Deep Tissue Massage Gun

30. Best Outdoorsy Father’s Day Gift: Garmin inReach Mini

Dads tend to overestimate themselves, even outdoorsy dads who think they’re ready for anything. If he ever goes out into the woods by himself to rough it, you might want to get him a Garmin inReach Mini. He’ll always be in reach with this handy gadget, so you won’t have to worry about seeing him on a milk carton one day (if that’s even a thing anymore). Just remember dad’s favorite line: “better safe than sorry.” 

Garmin inReach Mini

31. Best Homemade Father’s Day Gift: Make Your Own Playing Cards

As far as homemade fathers day gifts go, the cornier, the better. For poker dads, this DIY playing card set may just win him the jackpot next poker night. No dad can withstand a set of adorable playing cards made for him by his children and partner. 

Make Your Own Playing Cards

32. Best Father’s Day Gift for Spicy Dads: World Traveler Hot Sauce

Have any spice-loving papas in the family? If so, this could light up their father’s day (and light their tongue up with spices). This Picante package from Thoughtfully Gourmet contains globally inspired flavors from Jamaica, Cuba, Egypt, Kenya, India and many more. A surefire way to make father’s day a little tastier.

Thoughtfully Gourmet World Traveler Hot Sauce

33. Best Father’s Day Gift for Cocktail Kings: Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

Wowing people while you do it is the only thing better than mixing the perfect cocktail. If you can picture him mystifying guests with smokey mixed drink magic (or at the very least trying), this might be one of the best fathers day gifts this year. It’s easy to use even for clumsy dads, so don’t be scared if he’s a goof. He’ll feel like a badass, and you’ll have a new reason to visit home for the holidays. 

Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker

34. Best Sentimental Father’s Day Gift: WordVibeStudio Framed Map Collage

If you’ve left the nest long behind, this might be the best gift for your dad this year. It takes maps from the places closest to you and your dad and turns them each into a tree in a very stylized, very triangular copse. This gift is sure to put tears in the eyes of even the most macho dads. 

Etsy WordVibeStudio Framed Map Collage

35. Best Grilling Father’s Day Gift: Grill Smoker Gift Set

Dads universally love grilling meat. If you want to take his grill skills to the next level, the grill smoker gift set is here. It comes with hickory, cherry, and apple wood chips, a high-quality smoker box, a grilling thermometer, a grill scraper, and a bottle opener (because why not). Get ready for dad’s new food obsession: smoking meats.

Grill Smoker Gift Set

36. Best Father’s Day Gift for Dad Jokers: Word Teasers Dad Jokes

For some reason, dads can’t resist spouting groan-worthy quips and one-liners whenever someone is listening. They usually draw more eye rolls than laughs, but that’s part of their dad-ly charm. Show support for his jolly side with this Dad Jokes pack from Word Teasers. This pack will add 300 new dad jokes to his arsenal (for better or worse).

Word Teasers Dad Jokes

37. Best Father’s Day Gift for Budding Entrepreneurs: Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug

For dads starting new businesses, spreadsheets will either become their new best friend or a heinous villain (or a fun mix of both). Spreadsheets and fatherhood can both be exhausting, so why not give him a little help where you can? Make his life a little easier when he’s keeping track of taxes and payroll with this Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug.  

Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug

38. Best Father’s Day Gift for Out-of-this-world Dads: Mars Dust Globe

If there are any planet-loving pops on your list, this scientific take on a snow globe might be his new favorite toy. Instead of faux snow, the globe is filled with what looks like dust straight from the red planet. Two astronauts hold hands (one parent and one child) and brave the martian dust storm in unity. This scene will tug at the heartstrings of any dad. 

Mars Dust Globe

39. Best Father’s Day Gift for Office Ballers: Basketball Wastebasket

Everyone needs a break sometimes, even the most professional dads. Let him practice free throws from the comfort of his desk chair with this basketball wastebasket. Now he can become the office (or home office) Michael Jordan he always wanted to be, and you can take solace in knowing you helped him live his dream. Not a bad deal.

Basketball Wastebasket Trash Can

40. Best Father’s Day Gift for Rockstar Dads: Personalized Record

Some musicians settle down and have families before they have a chance to blow up and, for the rest of their lives, end up wondering what could have been. If your dad was shredding in a rock band or wooing onlookers with his dulcet tones long before you came around, this might be one of the best fathers day gifts for him. Any resentment he holds against you for crushing his dreams under your little baby ass will vanish. 

Personalized Metallic LP Record

41. Best Father’s Day Gift for Garlic Gorgers: Norpro Garlic Baker

If you still haven’t tried the culinary gift that is roasted garlic, now’s the time. Roast up some mouthwatering, breathtaking garlic to drop your jaw and fill it with garlicky goodness. Made from durable, organic terra cotta, it has a charming handle in the shape of a garlic for comfortable grip. Norpro’s Terra Cotta Garlic Roaster is a handy gadget that can also be used to bake apples and onions. It is sure to become a trusted kitchen helper. 

Norpro Garlic Baker

42. Best Father’s Day Gift for Traditionalists: Copper River Knife

If the dad on your list craves a more traditional way of life (i.e., he’s a hippy), a copper river knife might be just his thing. The design of this chopper is inspired by Alaska’s Copper River and the ulu, a knife traditionally used by the Inuit. Now he can chop up anything he wants, all while having the inner peace of a flowing river. Now that’s some real groovy digs, man. 

Copper River Knife

43. Best Father’s Day Gift for Super Dads: Super Dad Personalized Book

This one has to be one of the sweetest personalized gifts we’ve ever seen. This gift isn’t just perfect for book lovers; any dad will get sentimental when they see this book honoring his greatness. A personalized look would be great too, but he’ll still love it. Bonus points if you get him into story books.

Custom Super Dad Book

44. Best Father’s Day Gift for Breakfast Botchers: 45 Second Omelet Maker

If your dad loves to cook breakfast for the family but always serves burnt eggs and rare bacon, the 45-second omelet maker might save family breakfasts. His heart might be bigger than his cooking skills, but this creation will help even the odds. He needs to toss in the ingredients and follow the instructions. That’s it. It’s hard for even the worst cooks to mess that up.

45 Second Omelet Maker

45. Best Father’s Day Gift for Nostalgia Seekers: Create Your Own Reel Viewer

If he’s old enough to remember the 90’s, he remembers the Viewmaster. If it seems like an absurdly old relic, it’s because it is. These were invented in the 1930s and had a boom of popularity in the 90s, so almost every kid had one. Now, you can create your own personal reel so he can relive whatever memories you see fit to stick in there. Oh, how times have changed.  

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

46. Best Father’s Day Gift for Gentleman: Good Grooming Gift Set

What’s the key to being a gentleman, you ask? Smelling nice. It’s as simple as that. Whether he admits it or not, if your dad wants to be a true gentleman, he needs some good grooming products. This set comes with everything he needs to enjoy the life of a proper gent. The travel sizes are perfect for when he’s on the go or if he decides a new lifestyle isn’t for him (after all, dads are notoriously stubborn).

18.21 Good Grooming Gift Set

47. Best Father’s Day Gift for Amateur Archaeologists: Antique Sundial Compass

Take notice if your dad ever had fantasies about pillaging tombs with Indiana Jones but is stuck at a desk 9-5. These Antique Sundial Compass could help him live that dream without needing an archaeology degree or a beat-up fedora. The antique and nautical style looks like it could have been pulled from the temple of doom.

Antique Brass & Copper Sundial Compass

48. Best Father’s Day Gift for Wine Aficionados: Stemless Aerating Wineglasses (Set of two)

Your wine aficionado father will never need a decanter again with this stemless wine glass set. All he has to do is pour his wine into the central chamber to aerate it and unlock its full potential. No more clumsy decanters hanging around so dad can get the most of his wine. They’re as elegant as they are efficient—dad might never return to his old decanter gear.

Stemless Aerating Wineglasses (Set of two)

49. Best Father’s Day Gift for Ski-aholics: Ski Bottle Opener

For guys that thrive on the slopes, skiing is a way of life, whether they’ve had a few kids or not. The ski-aholic in your life will love these ski bottle openers, perfect for letting him live his best ski life 24/7.

Ski Bottle Opener

50. Best Father’s Day Gift for Craft Beer Kings: Oak Aged IPA Beer Brewing Kit

Now that micro-breweries have been a thing for years, everyone makes beer at home. Time to add dad to that list (if he wasn’t there already). This Oak Aged-style brewing kit will help him produce his own IPA with the classic India Pale Ale: very hoppy with a sharp, bitter finish.

Oak Aged IPA Beer Brewing Kit

51. Best Father’s Day Gift for Amatuer Cheesemongers: Fresh Cheesemaking Kit

If beer brewing isn’t his thing, why not try cheese crafting instead? This cheesemaking kit has everything he needs to make six different kinds of cheese. It has an intermediate difficulty level, so all but the dopiest dads should do just fine. You might be in for some delicious trips home from now on.  

Fresh Cheese Making Kit

52. Best Father’s Day Gift for Aging Skaters: Skateboard Stool

His best skating days may be behind him (unless he’s one of those badass old-guy skaters), but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little skateboard decor to bring him back. This stool was built using 100% repurposed old skateboard decks and hardware—surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. Whether in a garage, a man cave, or the living room, it will get plenty of compliments and draw endless rad memories.

Skateboard Stool

53. Best Father’s Day Gift for Man-Cave Dwellers: Ring Toss Game

Some dads treat their man cave as well as their own children and sometimes, dare I say, even better (ever seen a dad yelling at their man cave? Didn’t think so). If the dad on your list spends all his free time building up the perfect cave, this will be an excellent addition. Not only can you play this ring toss game together, but treating his prized man-cave like a sibling keeps you on his good side.

Ring Toss Game

54. Best Father’s Day Gift for Puzzle Busters: Blacksmith’s Brainteaser

Dads love solving problems, especially dads who love brainteasers (obviously). There are options for “intermediate” and “difficult.” They’re both pretty awesome. They make just as attractive decorations and conversation pieces as they do puzzles. Your brain never stops growing (seriously, it’s a fact), so nurture his continued cognitive and behavioral development with this beautiful brainteaser.

Tavern Puzzle Brainteaser

55. Best Father’s Day Gift for Happy Campers: Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

Camping is one of the most wholesome pastimes a family can have. Keep the campers happy this year with this novel idea for campfire roasting accessories. Fishing pole campfire roasters are bound to be a hit with not just dad but the whole family. Parents and kids both will have fun dangling their delicacies over the campfire until they’re tastefully toasty. Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows don’t get much more fun than this.

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

56. Best Father’s Day Gift for Bird-feeding Fathers: Flower Hummingbird Feeder

Believe it or not, there are fathers out there who don’t want to go fishing, hunting, golfing, or do any other dad-ly activities. They just want to chill out on the deck or in the backyard and watch the bird feeder. For those laid-back dads, we picked out the flower hummingbird feeder. Now they can let the fastest feather-flappers on the planet join the regular old seed-eating birds at feeding time. All that’s left is to grab a drink or a joint and join him (depending on your state).

Flower Hummingbird Feeder

57. Best Father’s Day Gift for Hockey Dads: NHL Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

All dads have their favorite sport, whether it’s baseball, football, hockey, or boxing. If you know a dad who lives and breathes hockey, this might be their new favorite bottle-buddy. This repurposed hockey puck was used in the NHL before being recycled into a bottle opener. We can’t think of a more badass way for hockey dads to open a beer. 

NHL Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

58. Best Father’s Day Gift for Family Bakers: French Tart Baking Kits

Families with baker dads are as lucky as it gets. If your dad is the type to bake up delectable treats over the weekend, this french tart baking kit might be one of the best fathers day gifts for the entire family. He’ll get to show off for everyone, which all dads love, and you’ll get to enjoy tasty new desserts. We’re sold.  

French Tart Baking Kits

59. Best Father’s Day Gift for Kite Sailors: Pirate Ship Kites

Kites can be an essential part of dadding, and this kite is killer. You and dad (or dad and the kids, depending on his age) can sail the blue skies together and create memories that will long outlive any kite. Except for maybe an ultra-high quality kite like this one.

Pirate Ship Kite

60. Best Father’s Day Gift for Lazy Eaters: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Many dads out there, and guys in general, just don’t take care of themselves as well as they should-especially single ones (hey man, no judgment). If that sounds like your dad, the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker might be perfect for him. It makes breakfast sandwiches, or any toasted sandwiches really, a breeze to make. He can use any ingredients he wants, so he won’t be eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner anymore (hopefully). 

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

61. Best Father’s Day Gift for Neck Pain: Nekteck Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Getting old comes with a lot of problems—one of them being your body slowly falling apart. If your dad has relentless back pain, you might want to get him something like this Shiatsu back and neck massager by Nekteck. He’ll finally get a little relief, even though he could have just done that yoga you suggested.  

Nekteck Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

62. Best Father’s Day Gift for Men Who Have Everything: LumiLux Toilet Light

Tired of using your dad’s ho-hum, yawn of a toilet? Aren’t we all. Now you can make taking shits fun again for the dad on your shopping list with the disco toilet. Even the man who has everything won’t have one of these. Now, every time he takes a piss, he’ll have a nice giggle.

LumiLux Toilet Light

What To Look For In The Best Fathers Day Gifts

What they like

The last thing you want is to deliver one of those fathers day gifts that feel entirely out of place. If you’re shopping for your own dad, you probably know what he’s into. If not, he’s either very dull, or you need to start paying more attention. Once you know what they’re into, you can refer to our buying guide and shop accordingly.

If you’re shopping for a dad outside the family and don’t know what they like, don’t worry; you have options. Tech, grilling, pictures of their family, and bad jokes are things that dads from all walks of life love. So if you’re fresh out of fathers day gifts, you can always fall back on something from one of those categories. 

Their hobbies

All dads have hobbies, and that’s always worth tapping into if you’re having trouble deciding on the best fathers day gifts for him this year. Plenty of fathers day gifts will make him smile whether he’s into golf, drones, watches, or even video games. 

We took plenty of hobbies into account when putting together this buying guide, so scroll back up and check it out before deciding. 

Their lifestyle

You probably know about how your dad lives, but if not, it’s time to take notice. Dad’s lifestyle can seriously affect whether he likes his fathers day gifts or not. There are countless options for gamers (yes, it’s a hobby and a lifestyle), and if he’s known to like his cocktails, something like a cocktail smoker is perfect for wowing him this year. 

    • What are some good father’s day gifts?

      If you’re looking for good father’s day gift ideas, you’re in the right place. We put together this buying guide to answer that very question. If you want to know what some good father’s day gifts are, just scroll up to the buying guide and check it out. 

      We’ve got all kinds of dads covered. No matter his interests, there’s no way you’ll finish this buying guide without the perfect gift idea for dad.

      • What is a good father’s day gift for a dad who has everything?

        A good gift for the dad who has everything is a disco toilet. Even dads who have everything probably don’t have one of these. It starts as a joke and turns into something he can’t live without. And guess who else will love the disco toilet? The rest of the family. This is the best father’s day gift for the dad who has everything.

        • What do dads want for father’s day?

          What dads want for fathers day depends on the dad. When you’re brainstorming, you want to consider what they like, their hobbies, and their lifestyle. Once you’ve decided which of those you’re going to focus on, it’s time to reference our buying guide. No matter the type of dad you have in mind, there is always a gift they’ll love.  

          Scroll up, check out our buying guide, and pick out what’s right for the special father on your buying list.

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