30 Best Long Hairstyles For Men in 2024

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You’ve successfully grown out your hair, and it’s now time to choose from the best men’s long haircuts to suit your locks and your lifestyle. 

Men’s long hairstyles are en vogue, and with so many contemporary cuts and styles to choose between, finding the right one can be a challenge.

Brave and bold Viking men’s long hairstyles, textured waves, bleached blond, and corkscrew curls are just some of the long hair looks that can make a man stand out from the crowd.

Rocking long hair is all about confidence and attitude. If you want to make sure your long hair is the mane event, read on and discover 30 of the best long hairstyles for men. 

1. Shag Haircut 

Long shaggy men’s long haircuts are a super cool look that is both sexy and stylish. It is ideal for thick straight hair, and although it’s one of the long hairstyles men will need to put in a little effort for; it’s well worth spending the extra time to look good. Wear it messed up or well-combed.

Shag Haircut
@colemcbad / Instagram

2. Long Curly Hair

When it comes to long hairstyles for men, curly locks are proof positive that your hair really can be your crowning glory. Long curls have texture and volume and provided you are down for taming the excess frizz, it’s a relaxed look for guys. Now, get ready to wear your hair long, with confidence. 

Long Curly Hair
@shaun_rez / Instagram

3. Long Layered Hair

Layering long locks is an effective way to thin out very thick heavy hair or add volume and texture to fine, long hair. It’s the ideal men’s long hairstyle for round and square-shaped faces and a middle part. For manly-mane inspiration, think actor Norman Reedus.

Long Layered Hair
@loriskarius / Instagram

4. Long Hairstyle with Textured Waves

Like his career, Harry Styles’ hair has come a long way since the X-Factor. Long with textured waves is one of the successful singer’s favorite looks and just one of the long hairstyles for men he has helped make popular. It complements almost any face shape and suits guys whose hair has natural texture and movement.

Long Hairstyle with Textured Waves
@jackgreystone / Instagram

5. Long Straight Hair

Once you have overcome the challenge of how much time it takes to grow long hair, you’ll discover that not all men’s long hairstyles take a lot of effort. From middle part to braids, there’s a whole world of long hairstyles for men out there, just waiting for you straight-haired guys to try. 

Long Straight Hair
@jorgepla_oficial / Instagram

6. Long Hairstyle with Side Part

Did you know there’s a method to determine which side to part your hair on? Locate the cowlick, or spiral of hair, towards the top, back-side of the head. If the hair here grows clockwise, part your hair on the left. Counter-clockwise growth means a right-side part. Two cowlicks? You’re lucky enough to choose which version of this men’s long hairstyle suits you best.

Long Hairstyle with Side Part
@tonythornburg / Instagram

7. Long Hair with Middle Part

The more polished brother of the side part, a center part long hairstyle for men, is sharp, modern and striking. On freshly-washed hair, take a fine comb and trace a precise line down the center of the head from front to back, and then separate the hair. This look works best on men with symmetrical features; think Jared Leto.

Long Hair with Middle Part
@joel_magnus / Instagram

8. Long Surfer Hair 

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with naturally blonde locks, a surfer style is a no-brainer. This low-maintenance long hairstyle for men is effortlessly cool. Let your tresses fall just below shoulder length and texturize with some sea salt spray or matte pomade for that messy, just-off-the-beach vibe.

Long Surfer Hair
@fitbeny / Instagram

9. Long Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are so much more than a men’s long hairstyle. Dreads can be an impactful statement of non-conformity or spirituality. Since there are many methods to achieve dreadlocks, visit a specialized hairstylist to discuss which will work best for your hair type. Then, keep those long locks smelling fresh with residue-free shampoos.

Long Dreadlocks
@lespetitsportraits / Instagram

10. Man Bun

When it comes to men’s long hairstyles, the man bun has reigned supreme for a while. Not only is it masculine and sexy, but it’s also practical. A man bun is universally flattering, and you can tailor it to flatter your face shape. Messy, slick, riding low, or worn high; experiment to see which suits your face shape best.

Man Bun
@freizo_ / Instagram

11. Man Bun with Fade

It’s a fact; long hairstyles for men exude confidence while at the same time challenging gender roles. The man bun will highlight chiseled features and is suitable for many different hair types. The good news is, the longer the hair, the better the bun. Elevate the vibe with a fade on the back and sides, or opt for an undercut low fade.

Man Bun with Fade
@idanguetta / Instagram

12. Long Hairstyle with Quiff

Combining a quiff with long hair means the hair can get weighed down, so you’ll need to dry your hair at high heat. Also, invest in a strong-hold hair product for long hair to help give your quiff height and volume. Spend the time to get this right, though, because it’s one of the more statement-making long hairstyles for men.

Long Hairstyle with Quiff
@timbo_td / Instagram

13. Braids for Men

It’s official, long hairstyles for men are hot, especially when it comes to braids for men. From Viking long cornrows to French to fishtail, braids are an intense look for guys with long locks. They are ideal for protecting the hair, taking it away from the face while at the same time keeping you on-trend.

Braids for Men
@longhairstylemen / Instagram

14. Long Half-Up Hairstyle

For this style, think sexy surfer meets Charlie Hunnam. It’s one of the long hairstyles for men first made popular in the 90s and now re-invented for the millennial man. Divide the hair into two sections, horizontally gather up the upper section of the hair, secure it with a band, and get the cool guy factor ready.

Long Half-Up Hairstyle
@peaceoot / Instagram

15. Long Viking Hairstyle

Manly, virile, and bold, awaken your inner warrior with a long Viking hairstyle. It’s one of the long hairstyles for men that you can wear in many savage and sexy styles. Show off your brave look by pulling it into a half or full ponytail, rock your locks with a brave beard, braids, and more. 

Long Viking Hairstyle
@pilotviking / Instagram

16. Men’s Ponytail

Are you looking for a professional long hairstyle for men? A sleek, brushed-back ponytail is an office-friendly look that is still stylish and fashion-forward. When tying the hair back, avoid elastic-style bands. Instead, opt for soft or spiralized ties that put less pressure on the scalp and help reduce breakage and hair loss.

Men's Ponytail
@canyaman / Instagram

17. Ponytail with Undercut 

If you’d describe yourself as edgy and non-conformist, an undercut is an awesome way to showcase your personality. To create a bold contrast, have your barber shave the sides and back of your hair entirely away, then pull back the long top section into a messy pony to create a cutting-edge men’s long hairstyle.

Ponytail with Undercut
@theofficialcrohns / Instagram

18. Long Slick Back

Suave, sophisticated, yet simple to achieve. Slick-back men’s long hairstyles require less grooming than you may think. Take a scoop of your favorite gel, work it between clean hands, and rake your fingers through your roots from front to back. This style works particularly well on straight-haired men.

Long Slick Back
@berzinsky / Instagram

19. Bro Flow

What do Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, and Chris Hemsworth have in common? They have all rocked a bro flow and are big fans of men’s long hairstyles. What’s more, joining the ranks of these Hollywood A-listers couldn’t be easier. Allow your hair to fall in its natural shape and brush backward away from the eyes for an office-friendly practical style.

Bro Flow
@ricketwehrtsich / Instagram

20. Long Hair with Bangs

Bangs are one of the most versatile options when it comes to long hairstyles for men. Whether you’re looking to flatter a prominent forehead or draw attention to the eyes, adding bangs can transform your whole look. Bangs are most effective on men with oval face shapes.

Long Hair with Bangs
@cushla.hairdresser / Instagram

21. Shoulder Length Long Hair

Men’s long hairstyles aren’t all high maintenance, and long shoulder-length hair, whether straight, wavy, or curly, is hassle-free and versatile. Leave it natural, part it on the side, wear it in an updo, opt for bangs, but however you style it, it’s a flattering look for all face shapes.

Shoulder Length Long Hair
@iamrenanpacheco / Instagram

22. Long Tight Curls

Some long hairstyles for men attract attention, including tight corkscrew-like curls. Rule No. 1 to prevent frizz and tangles; you will need to spend time styling and caring for your curls. So take pride in those lion king looks, opt for a suitable shampoo and conditioner and make regular visits to your barber.

Long Tight Curls
@hank_ge / Instagram

23. Long Hairstyle with Fringe

A fringe is a fabulous way to frame the face, add volume, and conceal pesky fine lines and wrinkles. Men’s long hairstyles featuring a fringe, whatever the style; curtain, blunt, choppy, thick, wispy, long, short, and more, can add interest to a simple cut. Old school, think a young Axl Rose and Bjorn Borg.

Long Hairstyle with Fringe
@scissrwitch / Instagram

24. Long Hair Dyed Hair 

Men’s long hairstyles are constantly evolving, so why not color those locks? From bleached blonde to a neon-mash-up, long dyed hair is a great way to show a unique personality. For best results, opt for a professional barber to dye your hair and keep it vibrant and healthy with dyed hair-friendly products.

Long Hair Dyed Hair
@savannahnet.color / Instagram

25. Mullet Haircut 

The mullet is an important haircut in the history of hairstyles for men with long hair. A true seventies and eighties classic style works well for all types of hair. It’s easy to create, all you need to do is keep the hair at the back long and the hair at the front and sides short. Opt for an undercut to add a fresh take on this classic. 

Mullet Haircut
@lauriemartignago / Instagram

26. Long Hair with Fade

Fades are a popular style that isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. Although you may see them mostly on short-haired guys, they can also add a fresh, modern twist to men’s long hairstyles. A good fade requires a lot of technical skill, so don’t try to go it alone; leave it to the professionals.

Long Hair with Fade
@andris.bergics / Instagram

27. Long Hair with Undercut

We’ve all been there; you spend years growing your hair long and then start to feel the urge for a dramatic change. So put the scissors down, and don’t make any rash decisions you may later regret. An undercut is a long hairstyle for men that offers a striking, edgy look without sacrificing that hard-earned length.

Long Hair with Undercut
@veni.vidi.vucci / Instagram

28. Long Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair 

Taming thick tresses needn’t be a challenge, and the best style is one that enhances natural volume. Embrace the rugged look with a layered long hairstyle for men, making thick hair more manageable and adding texture. Go one step further by tousling strands and holding them in place with a light-hold pomade or sea salt spray.

Long Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair 
@brockohurn / Instagram

29. Long Hair with Pompadour 

If you’re an old-school gent drawn to more classic men’s long hairstyles, incorporating a soft pompadour into your hairstyle will add a classy touch. First, get your hands on a strong-hold product and take a section of hair from the front. Then, start brushing backward to create volume and hold in place for a timeless look.

Long Hair with Pompadour
@sagarmidda / Instagram

30. Long Hair Hard Part 

A hard part is best executed by your barber. They’ll part your hair, generally on the side, and then take clippers down that parting to create an accentuated line. The look is one of the most subtle yet strong long hairstyles for men. Plus, styling will be a breeze since it’ll be easier to locate your parting after washing.

Long Hair Hard Part
@sergiogonzalezfdz / Instagram

Long Hair FAQs 

Are men’s long hairstyles sexy?

Long hairstyles on guys are attractive as they symbolize virility, masculinity, and good health. Men’s long hairstyles are for guys who are comfortable in their own skin, and this is appealing to all sexes. Challenging gender norms takes confidence and signifies that you are your own man.

What is considered as long hair for guys?

Depending on who you ask, what constitutes long hair for men differs. As a rule of thumb, anything over 6-in is falls into this category. If you want to rock some more radical long hairstyles for men, though, you’ll need patience as this can mean growing your tresses to shoulder length and beyond.

How to style long hair?

From a classic mullet to long tight curls, looking good with long hair is a commitment. The level of styling will depend on your choice of men’s long hairstyle. So before deciding your look, chat to your hairstylist about how to care for and style your hair. Also, check out any products you may need to keep your hair healthy.

How to maintain long hairstyles for men

You will need to do a certain amount of maintenance to keep those long locks lustrous. Schedule regular trims with your barber and enjoy a well-balanced diet. Don’t use too high a heat when drying your hair, and avoid products and tools that cause dryness and damage. Brush regularly and if you are wearing your hair in a ponytail or man bun, opt for soft hair ties rather than elastic bands.

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