Clothing Sales: May 2024

Have you been ogling that new pair of Office brogues, or eyeing up those sunglasses with the three digit price tag for far too long now? Are you wanting to update your skincare regime, but lacking the funds to pay for the pricier skin creams? An awareness of when the sales begin and end at your favourite retailers can be a real weapon in your style ammo, and here at FashionBeans we try to ensure that you never miss a trick, by keeping you up to date and sales savvy.

Most major retailers will have two mass sales a year, selling off stock at very low prices in the Boxing Day/January sales, and the mid-summer sales, which typically start at the beginning of July.

Make sure you are prepared for the launch of the sales online by planning in advance so that, come sales day, you are just a few clicks away from finally making those long dreamt-of purchases yours - at a fraction of the cost.

However, be vigilant and keep yourself in check when sales shopping - try not to let your normal purchasing criteria slip, just because something seems like a bargain. Keep in mind what you are actually looking for, and what your wardrobe needs, as opposed to being swayed by a low price tag and buying something that you ordinarily would not have done. Remember that if you do not wear an item then you have actually lost money, no matter how cheap it was.

Even discount purchases can add up to a fairly hefty price tag if you let yourself get coerced into making purchases which you do not need, so use the sales to your advantage and do not let them rule you. Why not try picking up pieces for the coming season at a discount, rather than completely replacing your current wardrobe and only getting a couple of months wear. For example, buy outerwear in the mid-summer sale to wear in autumn/winter, or buy your holiday clothes for cheap if you often take your annual summer holiday in August/September.

You can typically save around 50% on most items, with sales prices continuing to drop as the sale continues - after all, the retailers need to shift their stock. Bear in mind, though, that some stock may not be selling for a reason; whilst it may be a simple matter of too much stock being allocated to one store, it may also be that the 'bargain' item you are contemplating buying is not actually as desirable as the tiny price tag makes out, so keep your inner stylist in check at all times to avoid any fashion disasters. Popular sizes will also typically be the first to sell out, so if you are a fairly standard size, get in quick to avoid missing out.

As well as the huge seasonal sales, retailers will also run flash sales on particular lines, brands or categories. These typically only last a few days, so keep checking back on our pages to ensure that you are kept up to speed on when the sales begin, or consider signing up to the mailing lists of your favourite brands. Signing up can often have additional perks too, such as a discount off your first order online, so is well worth doing. Yet be selective - no one wants an inbox flooded with junk mail from brands that you are realistically unlikely to shop at again.

With all that in mind, all current May 2024 sales at the major fashion retailers are listed below. These sales are time limited and can end at any moment, so do not miss out on your chance to save...

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