20 Best Medium Length Hairstyles For Men – Top Haircuts 2024

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For a long time, medium-length haircuts were the hinterland of the hair world, rarely seen beyond guys attempting to turn a ballsy buzz into a seventies shag (think mullet haircut). But the rise of hairstyles such as the pompadour has seen them go from awkward in-between stage to bona fide style move straight out of the grooming playbook.

Whether you’re growing your hair out, don’t want to commit to an extreme cut, or need a way to style out a switch-up, there is no shortage of classic and popular haircuts for men to pick from this year. Whether yours is straight, curly or afro, the type of medium-length hairstyle you go for will be dependent on factors such as your overall style, face shape and hair type.

Whichever you go for, there’s no longer a need to feel stuck in a middle-ground with this length. And if you need some more inspiration, here are some of the best cuts out there so you’re never caught short.

1. Medium Length Surfer Hair 

Windswept, sun-bleached, and tousled, surfer hair is the true embodiment of a free spirit. You don’t need to hit the waves to achieve one of the most effortlessly cool medium length hairstyles, though. Matte pomade, or sea salt mist will help achieve the messy, rugged texture needed to pull off this look.

Medium Length Surfer Hair
@leif.offerdahl / Instagram

2. Medium Length Layered Hair 

Layered medium length hairstyles for men are ideal for thinner hair. Layers add volume, giving the impression of thicker, fuller locks. When it comes to layers, though, placement is everything, so talk through options with your barber to achieve a result that works best for your face shape. Fix your layers with a matte product to hold the style in place 24 hours long.

Medium Length Layered Hair
@zeno_vic / Instagram

3. Medium Length Curly Hair

Choosing to tame the natural texture or embrace it is a dilemma for many guys with curly hair. Celebrating unique features and letting them shine has never been more on-trend, so drop the flat irons and combs. Instead, opt for medium length haircuts for men that keep your curls manageable but still the star of the show.

Medium Length Curly Hair
@eyalbooker / Instagram

4. Medium Length Straight Hair 

A clean-shaven face paired with a straight hairstyle is a sleek, professional look for guys who want to dominate in the boardroom and on the streets. There are plenty of medium length haircuts for men to choose from. Pushed back, combed over, or styled into a quiff, straight hair is not going out of style anytime soon.

Medium Length Straight Hair
@erichagberg / Instagram

5. Medium Length Dreadlocks 

When you think of dreadlocks, the image you have in mind may be of long, waist-length locks, but dreadlocks can also be one of the more fashion-forward medium-length hairstyles. Tie dreadlocks back and pair them with an undercut for a fresh, modern interpretation of this powerful style. Look to Wiz Khalifa, Jaden Smith, and J Cole for inspo.

Medium Length Dreadlocks
@mantiyut / Instagram

6. Medium Length With A Hard Part

The best medium length haircuts for men are seriously stylish, and a hard part will keep you looking polished and professional. It features a clean line shaved down to the scalp and separates the sides and top of the hair. You can wear your hard part on the side to create definition. Regular maintenance will make sure it is always looking on point.

Medium Length With A Hard Part
@riccardo__bosio / Instagram

7. Half Man Bun 

Guys, you may not have long hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock those medium length hairstyles. To create a half-man bun, all you need to do is sweep the top half of the hair up into a bun while leaving the rest loose. From the catwalk to the sidewalk, masculine or androgynous, it’s a feature-defining style.

Half Man Bun
@musafirnama / Instagram

8. Mullet

Men’s medium length hairstyles can be just as daring as longer styles. Better yet, if you have the confidence, a modern-day mullet is a low-maintenance look that suits most face shapes, hair types, and textures. Keep it short on the top and sides and medium-long in the back to create contrast. You know what they say, a mullet is a business in the front and a party in the back. 

@carniceros23 / Instagram

9. Fringe

From side-swept to textured, to angular and more, a fringe is one of the most transformational styles to combine with medium length hairstyles. A fringe is in a class all of its own, highlighting the cheekbones, bringing out the eyes, and hiding any unwanted forehead lines. It’s an ideal way to spice up medium length haircuts for men.

@giuse_laguardia / Instagram

10. Shag

When it comes to medium length hairstyles for guys, shag cuts are retro-cool. To rock this look like Bowie, Cobain, and Jagger, ask your barber to layer the hair on the top and sides, styling it with just the perfect amount of messy. Keep it casual for work, or rock it with spikes and take a walk on the wild side.

@malikarakurt / Instagram

11. Comb Over

When it comes to medium length hairstyles, the comb-over is a trendy option. Classic, polished, and timeless; it’s the perfect look for the modern-day gent. This cut is simpler to style than you may think. Work pomade through damp hair, use a comb to locate the side part, and brush the hairs over to the side.

Comb Over
@whatmyboyfriendwore / Instagram

12. Bro Flow

If you’re at that awkward phase of growing out your hair and don’t know what to do with it, consider the bro flow. This medium length hairstyle is low-maintenance and often worn by A-list actors between roles. Ask your barber to trim your ends but leave 5-6″ of length, then push the hair back and allow it to fall naturally and let those locks flow, bro.

Bro Flow
@antonio_moriconi11 / Instagram

13. Pompadour

Men’s medium length haircuts are rocking new heights. The pompadour is a retro look with bold proportions. You can pair short or faded sides with a long pushed-back top. While this may sound a lot like a quiff, a pompadour has more height and volume and is set in place with a glossy styling product.

@rowanrow / Instagram

14. Slick Back With Taper Fade

A slick back with taper fade style is a modern take on the classic taper. The taper fades gradually down the sides as high or low as you would like it to be, giving you lots of options. The slick back pairs seamlessly with the taper fade to create one of the hottest medium length hairstyles for men.

Slick Back With Taper Fade
@ommeeed / Instagram

15. Hard Part With Quiff

Men’s medium length hairstyles are constantly evolving, which is never truer than when it comes to the quiff. Pair your quintessential quiff with a hard part if you want to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Wear your hard part slightly to the side to make the most of this style.

Hard Part With Quiff
@benbrewster / Instagram

16. Undercut

The undercut is one of the most versatile cutting-edge medium length hairstyles for men. All you need is medium length hair on top with the sides and back of the head closely shaved. Think basic Mohawk. You can style the top section of hair in lots of different ways, slicked back, with a man bun, with a pompadour and more.

@arturkramer_ / Instagram

17. Hair Design

Add some swag to medium length hairstyles with an inspirational hair design. These artistic patterns get sheared into shaved hair using clippers or scalpel blades, and the only limit is your imagination and the professional skills of your barber. Go abstract, 3D, geometric, or even opt for your favorite brand’s logo, but be prepared to get noticed.

Hair Design
@miggyhair / Instagram

18. Bowl Cut

Forget bowl cuts from the sixties, we’re talking more about Bieber’s “cool” era. The modern-day version is an edgy medium length haircut for men. It’s a one-length style that pushes the bowl cut boundaries. So if you have medium length on top, wear it straight forward with a soft side part and the hair a little bit off the face or full fringe.

Bowl Cut
@justinbieber / Instagram

19. Drop Fade

A drop fade tapers down the back to the neckline, following the shape of the head. It drops behind the ears to create an arc. High, mid, or low drop fades complement lots of medium-length hairstyles. The drop fade is a stylish choice for guys wanting a sharp look who don’t want to fade into the crowd.

Drop Fade
@f_bernardo_ / Instagram

20. French Crop

To make a clean-cut French Crop feel more rugged, keep the hair on top medium length with a standout fringe section. Begin at the roots, and using a small amount of pomade, run it through your hair, keeping it messy as you go. Alternatively, pair it with a slick comb-over for one of the more office-ready medium length hairstyles.

French Crop
@mariohervas / Instagram

Medium Length Hairstyles FAQ:

How to achieve a medium length style 

To achieve the look, you’ll first need to make sure your hair is in good condition. If growing it out from a shorter style, this will mean regular trips to the barbershop to have the ends trimmed. Alongside the upkeep, this gives you the chance to consult your barber about which length and style will suit you best.

“If the hair is thick, you can ask a barber to thin out the excess to remove bulk,” says Robert Grosvenor of UK-wide salon chain Headmasters, “but remember that fine hair isn’t ideal for a medium-length cut as it may end up looking thin.”

Fortunately for the majority of men, hair that hits the mid-point in thickness as well as length is the ideal scenario. “Around 80 per cent have medium-weight hair, and growing this is the perfect way to enhance its natural texture,” adds Steve Robinson from multi-award-winning salon chain Electric.

How to style men’s medium length messy hairstyles

When it comes to medium-length haircuts for men, messy styles have to be top of the list. They are ideal for guys who don’t have the time or motivation to grow their hair long. To make the most of messy medium length hairstyles, run a reasonably strong hair product through the hair and let the tresses fall naturally.

What is the best medium length hairstyle for men?

There isn’t one specific medium length hairstyle to suit all face shapes, hair types, and textures. However, some great looks to choose from that work well include the comb over, fade, pompadour, quiff and slick back. It’s a nice idea to talk through the medium length haircuts for men that may suit your hair and lifestyle with your barber.

How often should you shampoo medium length hair?

How often you should wash medium length hair will depend on your hair thickness, its oil content, and whether you suffer from a dry scalp. The average guy with normal hair can avoid those bad hair days by using a good quality shampoo and conditioner every 2-3 days. Some medium length hairstyles may need more care than others, though, so if your hair looks greasy or your scalp is itching, it’s time to shampoo.

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