6 Best Travel Blazers for Men – Get Stylish For Any Trip In 2024

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Yes, you have been led here correctly. This is indeed an article on the best travel blazers. And I will deliver on that deliverable by way of an eclectic, yet specialized set of the best men’s travel blazers.

But I’m taking it one step further. I’m slightly altering u/ZanderDogz’s prescient Reddit question: “Does my holy-grail travel jacket exist, or am I asking too much of one piece of clothing? in order to find the holy-grail travel blazer. I can answer that second part now: the answer is no, that is not asking too much for one piece of clothing. The holy-grail travel blazer exists and we’ve found it for you.

So, what are the specific qualities of a holy-grail travel blazer? It should be comfortable, formal, wrinkle-resistant, stylish, and lightweight (if possible). Let’s start with the main problem: wrinkles. To reverse the aging process, try exercise, cold water immersion, and intermittent fasting (you’re welcome).

To prevent a wrinkled blazer while traveling, read on. It doesn’t matter what seat it is: car, train, plane, hydroplane, ferry, helicopter, squashing a blazer between your warm body and a solid seat is destined for creases. A travel blazer can combat this with intelligent fabrics, the addition of elastane or Spandex, and high-quality thick fabrics such as cashmere. These materials tend to bring comfort in themselves, either through additional stretch, or extra plush softness.

Plus, when the jacket is lightweight, that means it can be easily packed into your garment bag and subsequently, your carry-on or weekend bag. It’s a joyous, practical, smart item that ensures you travel in style.

I have collected the best men’s travel blazers that deliver on their ability to look excellent before traveling, during traveling, and after traveling. Read on below for more.

Key Takeaways 

For this assignment, I found recommended travel blazers online and trawled the internet for similar. I emerged with the 6 finalists. Overall, the best travel blazer is Suitsupply’s Havana Blazer. It valiantly battles wrinkles, looks dangerously stylish, is of a premium build quality, and is lightweight. This combines and satisfies the main attributes I was traveling through the Internet to find (I was dressed in a travel blazer while doing so, of course).

The runner-up in this category is the Eddie Bauer Ultimate Voyager Travel. This blazer satisfies a slightly different angle. It excels in its stretch and its weatherproofing, yet still looks close enough to a blazer to be worn with relative formality to dinner or a meeting. But, it’s a technical jacket at heart and there’s a poetic duality in what that brings. So, no, u/ZanderDogz you’re not asking too much of one piece of travel clothing.

man wearing a cashmere navy blazer by luca faloni
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Best Overall: Suitsupply Havana Blazer

Suit Supply Havana Blazer

Why it’s great: This well-rounded beauty is the overall best men’s travel blazer for its trendy fit, versatility, and wrinkle resistance. But there’s one unique attribute, not of the suit, but of the company that makes it that elevates the suit. Let me explain. The brand offers customizable tailoring through an intuitive online “suit builder” program. It’s a seamless experience. You create a “Size Passport” by getting measured in-store or you can enter manually online. This is then linked to your account. Now, you can travel precisely the way you want to look.

How it looks: One Reddit reviewer wrote, “It looks very nice, very lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle.” The combination of an unlined construction and wrinkle resistance make it good for traveling. You can also accentuate the formal elements of the suit through styling.  Wear a grandiose full-length winter coat and some smart pants to make heads turn as you enter the restaurant (read “club” if you’re below 30 years old).

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The blazer is on the more expensive side of a travel blazer. However, the custom, or tailormade option is democratizing tailoring to some extent due to its breaking of geographical and financial barriers. Which, of course, is a fabulous boon for tailoring.

Sizes: XXS-4XL (32-50L)  | Colors: 2 | Material: 100% Pure 4-Ply Traveler Wool

Best Fashionable: Closed Blazer

Closed Blazer

Why it’s Great: There are some esoteric folk on the Global-Inter-Web that live by the conviction that there is no such thing as a damn travel blazer. And this marvel of a blazer by Closed is a really good argument for this particular philosophical camp. It isn’t a travel blazer. It just does being a blazer so well that you’d want to travel with it, wherever it wants you to go. Which does, ironically, make it one of the best travel blazers out there.

How it looks: The double-breasted construction and the refined, tactile Italian fabric make this the best-looking travel blazer on the list. It has a vintage edge to it thanks to the subtle check and oversized fit. If you’re a suave tourist looking to catch people’s eyes while traveling to your destination; this blazer will impress.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: They call it charcoal, but it looks brown in the images. This is a flaw because sometimes the lighting of a shoot can skew the actual color of the garment. The beautiful style, traditional pattern, and billowy cut of this garment are all powerful enough to ignore the color inconsistency; if it’s anywhere near brown or charcoal, it’ll look cool. If it’s bright yellow, we have a problem.

Sizes: 44-54 | Colors: 1 | Material: 39% cotton, 38% polyester, 23% virgin wool

Best Luxury: Luca Faloni Cashmere Blazer

Luca Faloni Cashmere Blazer

Why it’s great: Time to get nerdy about tailoring. The AMF stitching sets this suit apart. It designates its wearer as a discerning gentleman of taste and a penchant for the finer things. AMF stitching (American Machine and Foundry) creates a noticeable stitch perimeter. This indicates the premium manufacturing quality of the blazer and sets it apart on this list.

How it looks: But, a travel blazer is more than refined stitching. Pure cashmere is luxurious and ideal for colder destinations. Plus, the fabric improves over time. So, when you wriggle against the seat, just know that you are subtly improving the aesthetic of your jacket. That’s reassuring, isn’t it?

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While cashmere fares well in light rain and cold weather, in the summer, consider linen or unstructured cotton as an alternative.

Sizes: S-3XL  | Colors: 2 | Material: 100% pure brushed cashmere

Best Budget: Uniqlo AirSense Jacket (Cotton Like) (Ultra Light Jacket)

Uniqlo AirSense Jacket

Why it’s great: This blazer does the “simple navy blazer” well. It has balance. The notch lapel, symmetrical pockets, and minimalist two-button closure hit the right notes of formality without overdoing it. The quick-dry stretchy fabric is a joint venture between Toray (a huge Japanese materials company) and Uniqlo. It has breathability and light weather resistance. With the weather being unpredictable while traveling, the versatility of this blazer can help. Even if it happens to be pouring down when connecting between the plane and the terminal.

How it looks: Uniqlo’s travel blazers pop up time and time again on forums as reliable travel blazers. The amenable stretch means that the blazer is a servant to your comfort while keeping your look elevated. No wonder it’s one of the best travel blazers.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: You can’t machine wash this blazer despite it being polyester. Perhaps a sign of its delicate and technical prowess as a suit fabric.

Sizes: XXS-3XL  | Colors: 2 | Material: 100% polyester

Best On Amazon: Eddie Bauer Ultimate Voyager Travel

Eddie Bauer Ultimate Voyager Travel

Why it’s great: This is a technical travel blazer. It is primed for the outdoors thanks to its Storm Repel DWR lightly rain-resistant finish. By logical extension, it’s also primed for conversations about HRV and peptides. Eddie Bauer is committed to making this the ultimate travel blazer. The two-way stretchy fabric brings wrinkle resistance and optimum comfort, plus, it’s machine washable. The design is smart but is still thinking practically. It comes with a zippable pocket to secure your valuable documents.

How it looks: Its stylistic cross-breed means that it will look as sleek powering up a rugged mountain trail as it would at a rave in an abandoned car park. One recent Amazon user attests, “Looks smart enough for a dressy night whilst traveling.” Ideal.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The “technical” aesthetic, i.e. the outer zip means it loses a little bit of sheer formality and makes it a more casual wear compared to others on this list.

Sizes: 38-48 | Colors: 3 | Material: 96% polyester, 4% Spandex

Best Everyday: L’Estrange 24 Blazer Stretch Cotton

L’Estrange 24 Blazer Stretch Cotton

Why it’s great: This is for the environmentally conscious consumer. The regenerative cotton fabric is farmed using processes that draw carbon down into the soil. This technique also brings other ecological, social, and financial benefits. It’s important not to understate the regenerative effect on your general vibe too. This stylish blazer promotes a level of sauntering rarely seen in departure lounges across the globe. Plus, the 2% elastane brings a touch of comfort and wrinkle-relief. Finally, L’Estrange offers one year of complimentary services and repairs; now, that’s a neat touch.

How it looks: This men’s travel blazer has a super lightweight feel when balanced off the end of your fingers. It won’t take up too much spare capacity if you need to pack away in your carry-on, but when worn, it’ll feel relaxed and liberating.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: We love the minimalist aesthetic painted by the designers at L’Estrange. But, some highly critical folks may suggest that it doesn’t have an edge or a zinging personality. So, if you’re in the business of fashion statements, avoid it. If you’re in the business of business, snap it up.

Sizes: XS-XXL  | Colors: 4 | Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane

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Buying Considerations for the Best Travel Blazer


There are two main attributes of the material that need to be considered. Does it stretch? And does it wrinkle? These questions can be answered by numerous different materials. There are many routes to a single destination. A classic travel blazer will have a small percentage of elastane or Spandex in the material. The extra stretch is crease-resistant and aids comfort as you unwind on your travels. In this article, we also feature a pure cashmere blazer where the heft and softness combine to reduce wrinkling.


A travel blazer is a blazer good for traveling. Duh. We’ve covered that. Style-wise, there are all the same variations as regular tailoring. However, a travel blazer can bring in more technical elements. These include zipped pockets, water-resistant fabrics, and the use of elastane/Spandex.


There is no one fit-fits-all when it comes to the travel blazer. Billowy and boxy is stylish but the excess fabric comes with more opportunity for it to get caught, trapped, and pressed into wrinkles. A slim tailored fit pertains to less wrinkle-risk, will probably be more lightweight, and take up less luggage room. So, err on the side of a slimmer fit, but that’s not prescriptive.

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Why you should trust us

I’ve been modeling for top brands for over a decade and writing for top fashion publications for over five years. In that time, I’ve traveled to a lot of cool places (Tokyo, Mexico, and Buenos Aires) so I know the importance of traveling in style. For this review, I combined my stylish eye, my travel knowledge, and my love of tailoring to direct my search. I narrowed the shortlist down to 6 so that you’d only witness the finest e-commerce has to offer.

Final Verdict 

The best overall pick for the best men’s travel blazers is Suitsupply’s Havana Blazer. An underrated quality of a travel blazer is its ability to withstand abuse from all the coarse seats, spilled drinks, and suitcase stuffings that one will throw at it. Not only does the Havana Blazer have resilience, but it looks suave and is natural, wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight.

    • What are travel blazers?

      Men’s travel blazers are blazers that are good for traveling while wearing. Bloody simple. Oh, and a blazer is the jacket half of a suit, by the way. A travel blazer can either be designed for traveling purposefully or it can be an accidental miracle. Travel blazers tend to be crease-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable while retaining the panache and formality of a traditional blazer.

      • What’s the best material for a travel blazer?

        The best material for a travel blazer is cotton or wool blended with elastane or Spandex. This gives the blazer its stretchiness, comfort, and wrinkle resistance. However, lightweight wool can provide enough springy resilience to beat the creases. As can cashmere. Polyester can also be manipulated to form an ideal fabric for a travel blazer, too.

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