Let’s find out how the game has changed & what’s new

Filled with full of action, WWE Supercard is one of the best card game. After so many years the game has launched four seasons. Comes with new match with every season, the game has several modes to play. If you are confused about how to hack WWE Supercard, then you can easily use the anti-ban security feature for getting free cards and currencies.

Gameplay Seasons

The game has several modes to play season after season the game has added more than ten modes to play and thousands of players, supporting, and arena cards. Everyone can play at any arena after they unlock most of the areas. Some of you might think how to hack WWE Supercard so read the information below –

·           Season 2 – season 2 has come with few changes from previous. Introduced with tokens along with multi-charge customization to cards. And also higher levels than season 1.

·           Season 3 – this was released with so many new modes. Royale Rumble was firstly introduced in this, with players you could battle with 15 player’s cards in each match.

·           Season 4 – so many new events added in this season, also added so many divas. Elimination chamber event match was added in this season alongside of woman’s Royale Rumble.

·           Season 5 – this season completely changed the layout and better than previous versions. Added new feature of multiple fusion chambers at once. This season also came with Wrestle Mania 35.