There are hardly some games are available through which you can have dual benefits. Here dual benefits mean playing games and also improving your skills to have more fun and entertainment. Well, Critical Ops is a wonderful game which will allow you to do this. If you want to experience the real action world then must download it. The game is offering you many kinds of features like play with friends and much more. There are lots of interesting weapons, and enjoyable missions are available which will make your day.

Kinds of Modes-

In the Critical Ops, many different types of modes are available which will offer you many features.  Each mode is full fill from different kinds of activities. If you want to get a complete guide about modes, then check out the articles.

  1. Solo Mode
  2. Multiplayer Mode

These all modes are depending on your situation and interest.

  1. Solo Mode-

It is the first type of mode in the game for play single. It means if you are a beginner and nobody is available to join with you then select this mode. Under this mode many types of unique and enjoyable missions are available. When you complete these missions, then you will receive some rewards. In other ways, we can say that for earning the resources and unlock the items take part in this mode. It is also useful to boost the level with some incredible tasks.

  1. Multiplayer Mode-

The multiplayer mode is second type of mode to play with friends and other players. Via the help of it, you are able to make own team and show you unity. For playing in this mode social site connection is must be required. There are many missions available to play with other team and get a chance to win the rewards.