Most the people are passionate about many kinds of simulations, and in recent time Episode mobile game reaches a higher level. The game is based on the simulation, and it is perfect for the free time. Anyone can easily download the game by going on the Google store. The currency collection is the most delicate part of the game because in which you will get some points by various online players. The game allows us to make different characters, and some useful currencies are used for unlocking many locked items. We can take some help by Episode Cheats, and such cheats are safe and handy for everyone. The cheats do not breach any kind of policy of game.

Different features of the game:

Awesome graphics

Visual graphics is the most elegant part of the game and in which you can see many colorful objects.  The gameplay is handy for everyone, and you can select many things, and we will get through attractive graphics. Such are giving a realistic playing experience, and the whole game look is enhancing by graphics.

Advanced controls

In the game instead of a button, some touchpad is used to navigating the characters. Some of the information is shown on the game screen. You can change various controls, and before playing in the game, we should understand about functions of them. It is the basic part for everyone, and without it, we cannot move forward.

Talk with characters 

The players can feel the reality of such virtual life by talking with a different character. We can also strong bonding with many new friends. The game provides the feature of chat with people in an episode. You can open many additional features by login with Episode Cheats. All enough features in the regular version of the game.