Looking for the features of City of Love Paris

Lots of romantic games are out there, the City of Love Paris is one of them. It is a story based game which includes different characters. While playing the game, you can make your decisions and also get the opportunity to add your own story. It consists of romantic themes which come with some beautiful graphics. The Ubisoft created the City of Love Paris game. The first appearance of the game was made on iOS and Android on 2nd February 2017. It won near about more than one million worldwide hearts.

Feature of the game

  • You have the choice to make your social relationship and whatever you want to do in this relationship you can. You can also make your own story and influence it according to your needs.
  • There are lots of mysteries in the game; you get the opportunity to solve these mysteries by investigating in several locations.
  • You can create your dream of love by meeting with different people and set date. You can also do some flirts and find love.
  • While playing the game, you can discover the lifestyle like Parisian with the help of several fun activities.
  • You get some experience of creating a story by adding a beautiful background and animations.
  • Many locations can explore through the story.
  • You can meet with colorful characters and make a strong relationship with your match.
  • You can share the best moments which you have spent with your partner.
  • As much as you make your story enjoyable, you get more resources for unlocking the next level.
  • The story which you make, replay it one more time and check the mistakes. Make clear another storyline.

These are some features about City Love of Paris game; now you can easily play the game and get some resources for gaining the highest scores.