IMVU is the social site game means you can create your model and share with other people. If the people like your avatar then you will get some rewards and coins. The best thing is that you can customize your 3d avatar with lots of things. In the game, you are able to add to your friends and show the models. The best feature is that chat with friends and via this option you make new friends and chat with them. The avatar life is your life so make it what you want to be.

Important option in the game-

Many essential options are available in the game, but I will tell so the main menu options. These all detail enhance your knowledge about IMVU hack.

  1. Notifications-

In this options are able to see the notification related to the activity. For example- Anyone like your model in the game then you will get a message into the notification bar. The message icon is also available into this, and the message option is useful to see send and receive messages. You can also compose the new message in it.

  1. Profile-

It is the next option available on the main menu. If you want to see detail about avatar like the age of avatar, gender and nation then open it. You can also edit your avatar in this mode. It also shows your joining detail.

  1. Inventory-

In the inventory, many items are available for dressing up the avatar. If you want to change dress up of an avatar, then clothes option is available. As per that many options are available like DNA, Wearing, and Saved Looks.

  1. Friends-

The friend’s icon is available with tow option. The one is all and second is online. In all option, you should check your all friends list, and in the online mode, all friends are shows who are online.

  1. Request-

This icon is used to see the request means if anyone sends you to request then it will be shown in this icon.

  1. Invite-

Via the invite option, you should invite your friends for playing the game.