In recent times, the game developing industries are producing many mobile games in a short time because the mobile is a medium where the entertainment can be reached to all age persons quickly. The entertainment here refers to watching movies, surfing YouTube channels and playing online games, etc. and the game developers are developing the highly visualized games to sustain in the competitive market world.

If any mobile game got hit in the mobile game sector, then the particular game company who created the hit game, will develop the next game a sequel to it to retain their mobile players. The next game that they developed will not need further advertisements to reach the gamers which will help them to save a considerable amount of promotional activities of the game. Choices Stories You Play is a famous mobile game which can be played through online and can also be played on both the Android and IOS platforms.

About the game

It is a creative game here the players will be given a set of visual stories and he can select the story of his interest, and he can make change the happenings in the story according to his wish by making the hero falling in love with the heroine or detect and solve mystery crime or make war against your enemy kingdom, etc.

The first story is ‘The freshman’ and the story happens at Hartfeld University where you can make new friends, and you can find your true love and can date a party girl or the football player to have fun. The second story is ‘The crown and the flame’ and the storyline is your rivals stole your kingdom once and the time has come to you to build an army, revenge them and reclaim your crown. The third story is ‘Most wanted,’ and in this story, the Texas marshal and Hollywood detective are played together to stop a hit man who causes the threat to the society.

And in the Choices stories you play, a game the game developers are updating a large number of stories every week to motivate and amuse the game players and the players can have a different experience every week. The story characters can earn the points to the player if the character does a right thing and the player also gets points directly by finishing the story excellently. And each story consists of many chapters and the player has to complete all chapters to win the game and the all stories also have sequels, and so the player can play the story of his favorite choice.

Basic tips for this game

A well known two currencies are used in the game, and they are keys and diamonds, and these currencies can also be bought through the purchase store in the game using the game player’s real money. Each story requires a key to play a chapter and to have the special choices in the story you have to use your diamond which you bought. You can get the keys for free but you cannot hold the more than two free keys, and the keys will be refilled whenever using them and the key refilling duration takes two hours and the player should be very careful in spending the keys in the game. The player can earn the diamonds when he finishes the chapter for the first time, and the gamer can play only two chapters at a time.

The players can play the full story without paying anything when they have fewer diamonds and those can be used to access the special choices in the game which helps you to finish the story quickly and to earn points. In the Choices stories you play the keys play a significant role for example if the game player is playing a battle and if he lost the battle, unfortunately. He can use the key to restart the chapter and make an excellent decision to win the war that he had lost in the previous game.

This game is a worth to spend money because buying the diamonds and keys helps to improve your winning chance and the game’s purchase store also offering discounts when you purchase bunch of keys and diamonds. But the players can also play the game without spending money and here the game, and its developers do not compel the players about money spending, and it is purely based on the gamer choice.