Many games are available in the play store, but Adventure Capitalist cheats is best for everyone. If you like to play tricks or mind games, then this is your idle one. You can play this in android or IOS both. This is very popular, and approximately 10000000 games are installed till now. You can see a lot of adventure tools and impressive gameplay. It is launched by the Kongregate. You play the role of the businessman in the game, so you have to manage all the money transaction in the business.

For the beginners it’s important to see the tutorial, it’s very helpful for getting all information about it. The player can’t play this without the guidance, so it’s very helpful to learn the basics.  Players feel more confident with the help of a tutorial. Help you to know all controls of missions or adventure.


Let’s learn the all-important basic of the game. Your business in it can help you to clam the points and you being the master of your destiny. Upgrade the tools with the help of money you win by the game.  Multiplier bonus is also very helpful to increase the bonus of player for multiple times. In it, once you reached $100 trillion, the moon adventure will unlock easily. Another use of money is to earn these adventures from megabucks. You can see the upgrade for it very quickly, but for an upgrade, you have to earn a lot of money.

 Events and adventures in the game

The game starts with the adventure of earth, to unlock the new chapters of adventure you have to clear the first one. 100 megabucks are needed by you for all these adventures; it helps to buy or upgrades the business. If you like these events, you can earn a huge number of coins by participating in all events. Just play all events and earn megabucks in the game, much more gifts like gold or outfits are also usable after playing the events.


Many types of (avatar) the options for the dresses are available at the top left side of the screen. It’s easy to check all types of outfits which are available for you. You have to need more money for open more outfits; some types of dresses are also given some powers or benefits like

  • Tuxedo pants – These pants adds a boost of 30% on your speed to shop the thing on the earth. You can equip or leave any item at any time.
  • Lunar pants – It increases the level of your speed by 25%, this makes easy for you to cheese mines on the moon.

Playing the moon adventure is beneficial for you because while playing it you can use those items, then they boost the level of profit. If you want to know more about the dresses, tap on the outfit and check all details. It makes the game interested if the player wears the outfits with own choice.