The innumerable Pixel Gun 3d weapons

When you are starting out in the game, there are a number of free starters innumerable weapons that you are going to get as you play. They include the following:
* A simple machine gun
Even though the damage that is caused by this gun is low, the rate that it fires is high. It also has the mobility that is average and its capacity is said to be medium.
* A simple shotgun
This is the best weapons to make use of if you are thinking of playing in a close range especially with those players who have armor that is weak. The amount of damage that it causes is also low even though the mobility and fire of the gun is a decent one.
* A sniper pixel gun 3d rifle
You can make use of this weapon to your advantage since it is able to provide an average amount of damage. Even though its fire is low, it is still helpful. It is also important to note that this weapon cannot be able to kill an enemy who is in good health. Therefore, it is the most ideal weapon to make use of when you are trying to attack your opponents who are unaware.
* A combat knife
This is also another weapon that is able to provide a player with low damage and mobility. However, when it comes to its attack speed, it has been found to be very high. This is why it is the best weapon to make use of when you are trying to escape the most dangerous of situations.
* A light wooden try armor
You can make use of this very important weapon when you are protecting your characters in a wide number of projectiles. It has a number of upgrades that make it a worthwhile weapon to make use of.

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