10 Best Manly Candle Scents That Set The Vibe For 2024

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From meditation to movie marathons, there are all kinds of ways to wind down. But whatever way you choose to chill out, there’s no denying that manly candle scents can help create the perfect ambience.

If you’re looking to de-stress or simply make your home smell nicer, you’re going to want to know what’s on offer. Which is why I’m going to take you through a range of killer candles for men that’ll impress your nose and hide the lingering whiff of last night’s leftovers.

From musky to fresh and woody, keep reading for my lowdown on the most masculine candle scents on the web. Whether you’re already a candle collector or you’re entirely new to home fragrances, you’re sure to find something suitable for your style and budget.

Key Takeaways

Guys, it’s about time you realized that candles aren’t just for girls. What was once an unhealthy obsession of your mothers is now a hobby for any house-proud man. From style editors to architects and builders, everyone’s in on the candle craze, and the power of masculine candle scents shouldn’t be underestimated.

Just like a fancy cologne, the nose-pleasing smell of a burning candle goes a long way to showing people the kind of man you are. Spoiler alert: it’s one who likes to smell really nice.

From Diptyque’s vetiver candle to Uniform Standard’s Dark Oud, I’m going to take you through a selection of brilliant options, each offering a manly aroma that will fill your home with a heaven-like trail. You may also want to share the love and gift one to somebody special. But that’s totally up to you.

Our Top Picks
Best Vetiver Manly Candle Scent:
Vetiver Candle at Diptyque
Best Sandalwood Scent:
19-69 Kasbah Candle at Ssense
Best Cedar Manly Candle Scent:
Boy Smells Cedar Stack Candle at Sephora
Best Leather Manly Candle Scent:
Malin+Goetz Leather Candle at Amazon
Best Designer Manly Candle Scent:
Tom Dixon Alchemy Scented Candle at Mr Porter
Best Musk Manly Candle Scent:
Earl of East Smoke & Must Candle at Nordstrom
Best Patchouli Manly Candle Scent:
Patchouli Candle at Diptyque

a selection of candles from earl of east
campbell_cole / Instagram

1. Best Vetiver Manly Candle Scent: Diptyque Vetiver Candle

Diptyque Vetiver Candle

Characterized as a woody, earthy note, vetiver is a highly prized ingredient in perfumery. It’s derived from long grass, which grows in warm climates and is often used to make fans and other scented decorative objects in Asia.

Diptyque’s vetiver candle will bring the tropics to your doorstep, with its smoky, uplifting scent guaranteed to be the topic of conversation for anyone paying you a visit. Better yet, with a burning time of 60 hours, you’ll get to enjoy it for days on end.

2. Best Sandalwood Scent: 19-69 Kasbah Candle

19-69 Kasbah

If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy without running up your heating bill, manly candle scents (specifically wood, leather, and sandalwood) will do the trick. Spicy and enticing (there I go talking about myself again), this kind of scent will really help add some coziness to your space.

A blend of earthy smoked tonka bean, orange, and white honey, this version from 19-69 looks as good as it smells. Using a natural vegetable wax, it gives you a 50-hour burn time with a well-balanced scent that’ll perfectly linger as you entertain guests. The fancy glass jar is recyclable, but I’d use it as decor when it eventually runs out.

3. Best Cedar Manly Candle Scent: Boy Smells Cedar Stack Candle

cedar stack boy smells candle

If you’ve ever visited a spa (guys, it’s fine to admit it), you’ll recall the calming aroma that hits you as soon as you walk in. Well, that was likely to be the smell of cedar. The warm, soothing scent induces relaxation and can even help to promote positive thinking, give clarity, and aid concentration.

The Cedar Stack candle from Boy Smells is guaranteed to keep you chill. Boasting a richly layered scent, it combines cedar with juniper berry, labdanum, sawdust, and white musk. The burn time is 50 hours, and it’s housed in a black glass vessel that’ll look bomb on your mantelpiece.

4. Best Vegan Manly Candle Scent: Björk and Berries White Forest Scented Candle

Björk and Berries White Forest Scented Candle

From what we put on our plates to the products we use on our skin, more and more of us are choosing eco-friendly alternatives. And thanks to vegan candles, it’s now entirely possible to produce a cruelty-free cloud of scented smoke.

With a total burning time of 55 hours, this one from Björk and Berries brings the smell of the Swedish woods to your living space—having been inspired by a mysterious birch forest in the north of Sweden. It’s locally hand-poured from natural wax and offers up an aromatic fragrance that’s woody, fruity, and bittersweet.

5. Best Leather Manly Candle Scent: Malin+Goetz Leather Candle

Malin+Goetz Leather Candle

New driving gloves, an old wallet, and the aroma of your favorite vintage bookshop. If these smells give you a rush of comfort and nostalgia, then you’ll want to add a leather-scented candle to your bedside table.

Made from a natural wax blend for a clean burn, this one from Malin+Goetz is infused with muted floral accords to mirror the timeless sophistication of leather and the earthy, rustic notes of wood. It’ll burn for 60 hours and will look particularly great sitting on your coffee table with a few of your favorite fashion books underneath.

6. Best on Amazon: CoCo Benjamin Basil, Lime and Mandarin Candle

Basil Mandarin Candle

Manly candle scents are often associated with the kind of smells you enjoy during the winter. Warm, smoky, and spicy, they go hand-in-hand with duvet days and snuggling on the sofa. But what about when you need a little pick-me-up? This basil, lime and mandarin candle will elevate even the dullest of days.

Made from natural rapeseed and coconut wax, it still has a rich composition but gives off zesty, citrus top notes of lime, basil, and grapefruit. This is supported by cardamom (aromatic and sweet), cypress (herbaceous), and hints of clove (warm and woody). The heart sees notes of sweet herbal angelica blended with orris. And it rests on a wood, amber, vanilla, and tonka base.

7. Best Luxury Scent: Lafco Feu de Bois Candle


Warm, manly, and sweet, the description of the Ski House scent sounds a little like my dating profile. Ha, who am I kidding? But seriously, it’s definitely the sort of smell you want at home (and no, it doesn’t pong like an old ashtray).

Set in a hand-blown glass vessel, the Feu de Bois is a beautiful mashup of velvety, sweet pine, sandalwood and cedar, with additional smoky leather and vanilla. It’ll bring a glorious aroma to whatever room it decides to reside in, but I think it’s a must-have for the bedroom.

8. Best Designer Manly Candle Scent: Tom Dixon Alchemy Scented Candle

Tom Dixon Alchemy Scented Candle

Whether you want to improve the ambience of your living room, make your baths a little more relaxing, or create a cozy, relaxing workspace, masculine candle scents are the perfect addition to your home. But as the options continue to expand, they’re no longer solely for improving the aroma of your interiors.

Tom Dixon’s London-inspired candle will act as a stylish accessory for any bookshelf or coffee table. Set in a large black vessel, it gives off gunpowder top notes, with a pungent bite of black pepper and a warm, spicy suede base. It’s a little on the pricey side, but you can expect it to keep burning for around 60 hours.

9. Best Musk Manly Candle Scent: Earl of East Smoke & Must Candle

Earl of East Smoke & Must Candle

Finding a new favorite candle (and letting your followers know all about it) is one of life’s simplest pleasures. And if you like your men’s candle scents on the musky side, then you’ll seriously love Earl of East’s Smoke & Musk.

Inspired by the great outdoors, the hand-poured candle offers up a unique blend of green balsam fir (think Christmas trees), wood smoke, and patchouli (earthy, spicy, and slightly sweet). This version is 170ml, so you can expect a burn time of around 35-40 hours. I’ll be popping mine on the kitchen shelves, but it’ll make a welcome addition to any room.

10. Best Patchouli Manly Candle Scent: Diptyque Patchouli Candle

Diptyque Patchouli Candle

From balancing your emotions to covering up the pong of the dog’s basket, patchouli candles come with a whole host of benefits. Giving off a strong, sweet scent that falls into the musky/earthy category, they’ll fill your rooms with a calming and pleasant smell throughout the day.

Part of the herbal fragrance family, Diptyque’s version is a must-have addition to your home. It’s dense, and dark, and charged with earthy, woody, and almost spicy accents. The burning time is 60 hours—making the price tag seem a lot more reasonable.

smoked embers scented candel from the black series of Uniform Standard
uniformstandard_official / Instagram

Final Verdict

Wanting our homes to smell nice is nothing new, but it’s fair to say that the last few years have seen us take even more interest in improving our domestic spaces. Whether you’re relaxing in the evening or working from home, finding the right manly candle scents is key to creating the perfect mood and ambience.

Each of the candles featured in this guide will help you bring about a sense of calm to your environment. And with the details at hand, you should now have a better idea of what will satisfy your olfactory taste buds.

However, if you’re still weighing up your options, I’d recommend trying out Diptyque’s vetiver candle first. Giving off a smoky, uplifting whiff, it’s a great men’s masculine scent to help with stress levels and calm you down after an eventful day.

    • What do men’s candles smell like?

      Men’s candle scents are often fairly strong and musky, giving off notes associated with traditionally “manly” activities. This can include smells of tobacco and the great outdoors. You’ll find woody scents such as cedar and pine or even the earthy smell of vetiver.

      • What is an attractive masculine scent for candles?

        The fragrances most commonly referred to as manly candle scents are usually considered the most attractive. These include aromas that are earthy or wood-based, such as vetiver, leather, or sandalwood. You can also choose a slightly sweeter smell with candles that use tonka beans as an ingredient.

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