7 Best Beard Moisturizers – Benefits for Skin and Face in 2024

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Much like the hair on top of your head, the hair sprouting along your jawline needs love and care. Proper hydration is essential for maintaining a gorgeous, healthy beard. The best way to achieve this is through the best beard moisturizer.

Beard and face moisturizers prevent dandruff by soothing itching, irritated skin. They also keep your beard from drying out by maintaining the integrity of the hair shaft and promoting shine. And when your beard is properly moisturized, the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair shaft) is sealed, it’s much easier to detangle. Win-win!

Now that I have convinced you that incorporating the best beard moisturizer into your routine is essential, it’s worth noting that there are actually several types of moisturizers. Below, I’ve laid out the most common types. You may want to consider incorporating them into your routine at different times and based on different needs.

Types of Beard Moisturizers


Like the conditioner for your head hair, beard conditioners should be applied to wet hair directly after shampooing. They smooth the hair cuticle and utilize humectants to attract moisture and oils to nourish and project the hair, making it soft, and less static. Depending on your hair type and beard thickness, you can use them twice per week when washing your beard.


Beard balms are considered a styling product that protect and moisturize beard hair and the skin underneath. They’re typically made with natural ingredients (hello, sensitive skin) like shea butter, sweet almond oil, and even beeswax, which is a sealant that helps your natural oils stay in the hair shaft. It’s the beeswax that separates it from beard butter.


Like a balm, beard oils are used post shower, typically on dry, or at least damp hair. Oils can be used daily, as they provide light nourishment and protection for your hair. Pay attention to how your beard feels after using it to figure out your ideal usage.

Now let’s take a peek at the seven best beard moisturizers below, from conditioners to butters, oils, and balms.

Key Takeaways 

For this assignment, I pored over hundreds of photos, customer reviews, and even my own bathroom cabinet until I whittled it down to the 7 finalists you see on this list. Overall, the best beard moisturizer is Scotch and Porter Restorative Leave-in because it’s suitable for all hair types and skin types, and uses natural ingredients to target all aspects of beard health. For an affordable balm that works well for sensitive skin, look no further than Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In.

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Best Overall: Scotch Porter Restorative Leave-In 

Scotch Porter Restorative Leave-In

Why it’s Great: Leave-ins are my go-to moisturizing product because they’re applied to damp hair, meaning it can really penetrate that hair shaft. Scotch Porter makes a great one just for beards because it targets all aspects of beard health, from deep conditioning and moisturizing to shine and softness. It contains biotin that promotes hair growth and white willow bark to combat damage and dryness. Abyssinian oil and erucic acid seals in moisture and protects the hair from dehydration. And because it’s vegan and free of sulfates, phthalates and silicones, it’s great for sensitive skin.

How to use it: Because it’s nice and viscous, a little goes a long way. Work a dollop through your beard when damp, preferably after washing, and gently massage in.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some reviewers found the vanilla scent to be a little strong, but most seem to love it.

Active Ingredients: Biotin, B complex, Abyssinian oil, erucic acid  | Skin Type: All, sensitive  | Size: 4 oz  | Scent: Vanilla, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, cashmere, amber

Best Budget: Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil

Shea Moisture Beard Conditioning Oil

Why it’s Great: I like Shea Moisture because they’re a budget brand that gets the job done. Like most of their products, this beard conditioning oil is highly moisturizing and packed with wholesome ingredients. It has shea butter, It has shea butter, which is great for the skin but also the health of the entire hair follicle. When combined with other natural oils like jojoba, sweet almond, and coconut oil, it provides some seriously good hydration that not only conditions the hair, but softens and detangles. It’s especially great for dudes with curly hair.

How to use it: For best results, apply to a clean, dry beard. Massage a few drops into your beard from roots to ends using your fingertips. One reviewer had best results when they brushed it on with a comb for better dispersion

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some reviewers complain of lack of scent, but that can be beneficial for some people, especially those averse or allergic to fragrance.

Active Ingredients: Shea butter, grape seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil | Skin Type: All | Size: 3.2 oz  | Scent: Not Listed

Best on Amazon: Malin + Goetz Meadowfoam Oil Balm

Malin + Goetz Meadowfoam Oil Balm

Why it’s Great: I was pretty excited when I first heard about this product. While it’s technically a multi-purpose balm, it covers all aspects of beard health and hydration because it’s made for skin, hair, and body. If you’re looking for something clean yet highly nourishing, especially if you have dry skin, you’ll love that it’s formulated with 17 botanical oils and butters. Meadowfoam seed locks in moisture, while oils like jojoba, avocado and safflower seed oil soften hair and restore moisture. Linoleic acid, which is an omega 6 fatty acid, adds lots of strength to hair.

How to use it: A little goes a long way here. Be sure to work into your fingertips, then gently comb through your beard.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If your skin runs oily, this may not be the product for you. It’s slightly oil for some, albeit perfect for winter.

Active Ingredients: Avocado oil, jojoba oil, linoleic acid  | Skin Type: Dry  | Size:  1oz  | Scent: Avocado

Best Everyday: Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in

Why it’s Great: Clever branding aside, I adore Honest Amish nice smelling beard balm for a variety of reasons. It’s totally organic, natural, and incredibly good at taming coarse hair. A botanical base made up of ingredients like avocado, almond, and pumpkin seed oil combined with fruit and nut butters like shea and aloe and essential oils helps it to nourish split ends. The same ingredients also encourage new hair growth, all while conditioning the skin–another aspect of beard health you don’t want to overlook.

How to use it: A dollop is all you need to apply this soft, buttery, lightweight balm through the strands of your beard hairs.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because this product is natural, separation might occur. Simply emulsify in your hands or let it melt back down by placing it in the sun.

Active Ingredients: Avocado, almond oil, shea butter | Skin Type: All, sensitive skin, dry skin | Size:  2 oz  | Scent: Cedarwood, anise, clove

Best Conditioner: Just for Men The Best Beard Conditioner

Just for Men The Best Beard Conditioner

Why it’s Great: The best way to get your beard to grow is by maintaining healthy, nourished hair follicles. The best place to start is in the shower with a beard conditioner to help nourish and treat hair when it’s wet and more susceptible to the products you use. It has soothing ingredients like oatmeal, aloe, and chamomile, and the superstar oil, jojoba. It calms and moisturizes the skin too, all while providing loads of hydration.

How to use it: Apply to your wet beard in the shower after shampooing. Leave on for one minute to let the ingredients soak in and do their thing, then rinse.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: So this is the least natural beard moisturizer on this list, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you have sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients: Aloe, chamomile, jojoba oil  | Skin Type: Normal  | Size: 3 oz  | Scent: Not listed

Best Butter: Beard Guyz Beard Butter

Beard Guyz Beard Butter

Why it’s Great: Balms and butters have thicker consistencies, which is great for thick, coarse beard hair. I like Beard Guyz Butter because, while it’s a luscious cream, it’s still light enough for finer hair. It softens beard hair, using ingredients like shea, cocoa, and mango that also prevent irritation. And it’s kind of a two-in-one product, both a styling balm, like a wax, and a conditioner, thanks to a combination of oil, protein, butters, and extracts for some hold.

How to use it: Massage a dollop into clean, damp beard hair. Feel free to disperse using your favorite comb.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If minimal, natural-only ingredients are a must-have, you might not appreciate the long list of ingredients here. However, if you have normal skin, you should be good to go.

Active Ingredients: Water, alcohol, colloidal oatmeal  | Skin Type: All  | Size:  3 oz  | Scent: Not Listed

Best Luxury: Le Labo Beard Oil

Le Labo Beard Oil

Why it’s Great: If smelling ridiculously sexy is a priority, you might want to invest in Le Labo beard oil. The brand is known around the world for their delicious luxury scents and infuse that same energy into their super soothing beard oil. I like that it’s a plant-based formula, and free of artificial colors, parabens, and phthalates, which is great for sensitive skin. And I love the combination of oils they use, sunflower to protect, grapeseed to smooth the hair shaft, and jojoba oil for tons of nourishment.

How to use it: Lightweight yet soothing, it’s very easy to work a few drops into your fingers and brush through your clean, towel-dried beard.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Obviously the price is steep for a mere 2 ounces, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself if it works with your budget.

Active Ingredients: Jojoba, grapeseed, sunflower  | Skin Type: All  | Size: 2 oz  | Scent: Bergamot, lavender, violet, tonka bean

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Buying Considerations for The Best Beard Moisturizers

Skin type

Your hair type is crucial for choosing not only the best beard skin moisturizer but the best type for your skin. Dry skin doesn’t produce as many natural oils to coat your beard hair, so consider a beard oil. Sensitive skin is itchy, irritated, and prone to acne. You’ll want to avoid harsh chemicals and focus on natural, minimal ingredients. Oily skin needs moisture in a non-greasy formulation. Avoid pore-clogging ingredients. Normal skin types can enjoy a free range of a variety of beard and skin moisturizers.


Understanding your skin type helps you find the best type of beard moisturizer for you, but it also indicates the kinds of ingredients you should look for. If you have sensitive skin, always look for natural ingredients and avoid synthetic ones. Unless you’re allergic, all skin types should look out for nourishing ingredients like shea butter and aloe and hydrating oils like sweet almond and jojoba. Strengthening ingredients like linoleic acid are also ideal for maintaining the integrity of the hair shaft, thus promoting beard growth.


Scent can be divisive, especially when it comes to beard and face moisturizers. If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, a scentless moisturizer is the way to go, but if you have no problem with scent, you’ll find a few light, masculine ones on this list. The overall scent should be light enough that it naturally perfumes your beard, but not too strong that it takes over, much like wearing a cologne.

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Why you should trust us

I’m a fashion and grooming writer at Fashionbeans, meaning I compare, test, and research all things clothes, skin and hair care. For this review, I researched a host of trusted sources, perused my own hair and beard care knowledge, and even reviewed my own bathroom cabinet (and my husband’s) to understand what makes a great quality product that meets the highest function standards and of course, latest trends. I started off with over 50 considerations and narrowed it down to the top 7 that will best fit a range of discerning consumers. Ultimately, I want to see everyone find the best beard moisturizer for them.

Final Verdict 

The best beard moisturizers should work with both your hair and skin type to provide ample hydration to your beard and the facial skin underneath it. My top pick is Scotch and Porter Leave-in Conditioner because it’s suitable for all skin types, moisturizes using natural ingredients, and has great value for the money.

    • What does beard moisturizer do?

      Beard moisturizer hydrates both the skin and beard hair by locking in hydration and protecting and smoothing the hair shaft.

      • How can I keep skin under beard moisturized?

        Applying the best beard skin moisturizer to the skin as well as your beard by gently massaging or combing through will help keep the skin under your beard moisturized.

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