Farer – A British Brand Setting New Standards In Watch Design

A watch is one of those accessories that will stand the test of time — no questions about that. Whether your style is outgoing or more classic, a watch is a great way to make a statement about your style and personality.

Despite the rise of the smartwatch, you now have more choices than ever when it comes to mechanical timepieces. While ample choice can be a good thing, brands competing with household names and heavy hitters in the industry can leave you with a ton of options that kind of all look the same.

But occasionally, there’s a brand that breaks free of the norm, a break-out star that’s worth paying attention to. A brand that doesn’t chase trends but forcefully establishes its own clear identity – that brand happens to be Farer.

Launched in 2015, the British brand has made daring to be different the core of its design language. Over the past nine years, Farer has built a reputation within the watch industry for blending its cutting-edge design aesthetic with the quality of Swiss watchmaking. And if there are two things the Swiss know, it’s watches and chocolate. And we’re not talking about chocolate today.

If you’re looking for your next expression of individuality that will be sure to turn heads, join us as we discover a number of Farer’s non-conformist and distinctive watches and uncover what makes this modern British brand so unique.

Our Favorites
Favorite Everyday:
Resolute II at Farer
Favorite Chronograph:
Chalcot at Farer
Favorite Moonphase:
Baily at Farer
Favorite Dive Watch:
Thurso at Farer

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Favorite Everyday: Resolute II

RESOLUTE Leather Strap watch by Farer

When it comes to style, they say less is more. But that’s easier said than done. Minimalism is a fine-tuned craft, after all. We’re aiming for something between a sundial and too many dials to keep track of. The Resolute II has hit the mark perfectly. This impressive timepiece puts a unique twist on the classic three-hand watch.

Available in both 39.5mm and 36mm case sizes, at a glance, the Resolute II might look pretty standard, with clean black hands and numbers on a white dial. But a closer inspection shows that the numerals are 3D blocks of luminous Super-LumiNova, topped with black to produce a back-lit glow in the dark. It’s a particularly neat (and useful) trick that we’ve yet to see anywhere else. On top of that, the watch has an impressive power reserve of 68 hours, so it can run all weekend without stopping.

Favorite Chronograph: Chalcot

Chalcot watch with rubber strap by Farer

Chronographs are some of the most popular watches year after year. And boy do they ever look like a sophisticated gadget. However, all too often, they’re quite thick and heavy, making them too cumbersome to be a daily wear. Fortunately, the Chalcot Chrono Contempo bucks industry standard, with a sleek and slim case that measures 38.5mm across and 13.4mm thick.

The Chalcot also provides a delightful pop of color, with a textured spearmint dial and fluorescent orange chronograph seconds hand. However, the navy blue bezel and matching rubber strap keep the watch from overpowering any outfit. Additionally, paired with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and 100m depth rating, the Chalcot is perfect for those wanting a somewhat playful but comfortable everyday watch.

Favorite Moonphase: Baily

Farer Moonphase watch

Philistines need not apply! If you’re the type of person who appreciates art, in any form, the Baily Moonphase will be a great addition to your collection. The moonphase is one of the oldest complications in watchmaking, but Farer has managed to give it a signature modern twist.

For starters, the dial is carved from natural aventurine, a green semi-precious gemstone. Then there’s the moonphase disc, handpainted in Switzerland, featuring a pair of luminous moons. This means that both the dial and disc will be unique to each watch, making the Baily something you’re likely to get a lot of attention from.

The Baily is limited to 200 units, and a good number have already sold, so you’ll have to move fast to secure this unusual piece.

Favorite GMT: Roché II World Timer

Farer Chrono Watch

The Roché World Timer is perfect for travelers, jet-setters, international businessmen, or, of course, those looking to pick up another special gadget. Thanks to a rotating 24-hour disc and movable bezel marked with 24 cities worldwide, the watch can track all 24 time zones simultaneously.

Despite its complexity, the watch is still very easy to read thanks to large white luminous hour markers. The Roché World Timer is also remarkably thin, at just 11m in height, so it can easily slip under a cuff or sleeve.

Favorite Dive Watch: Thurso

THURSO watch with rubber strap by Farer

While it was a tough choice between the colorful AquaMatic range and the more serious Aqua Compressor line for the best Farer diver, the bold Thurso AquaMatic won our hearts. With a bold teal and orange color palette, the Thurso is a perfect choice for pairing with bright summer outfits or for die-hard Miami Dolphins fans.

But don’t let the fun colors fool you, it’s still a very functional divers watch, with bold, easy-to-read hands and markers and 200m of water resistance. The watch also comes with three straps – a fitted rubber strap, a metal bracelet, and an orange fabric strap, so you can tone the colors up or down to suit your tastes.

Farer Thurso Stainless Strap watch

Three Reasons We Love Farer


Variety is the spice of life, and Farer has certainly taken the saying to heart. The brand offers a wide array of choices across its catalog. It has over a dozen collections, which include complications such as GMTs, chronographs, and moonphases alongside classic time-only pieces.

There are nearly 50 different watches to choose from. On top of that, the watches within a collection nearly always have unique dial designs rather than simply offering the same design in multiple colors. When you factor in the multiple strap options each watch has, from steel bracelets to colored leather and rubber straps, you certainly have an almost limitless variety of combinations, guaranteeing there’s something for anyone.


As mentioned, Farer has established its own unique design language. In an industry known for being very conservative and traditional, Farer can feel like a breath of fresh air, without sacrificing quality. The brand still takes inspiration from the same classic design elements that inspire many of the status quo Swiss companies, but instead of simply copying what’s been done before, Farer takes a new approach, using modern color palettes and finishing techniques to create watches that feel familiar, but are undeniably modern in appearance.


Of course, it’s a moot point for us to wax lyrically about Farer’s designs if the quality isn’t there to back it up. But have no fear, Farer partners with the same well-respected Swiss watchmaking facilities that are used by many of the well-known Swiss watch brands.

The result is watches that are every bit as well-made as those from other household names, with high levels of finishing and reliable mechanical movements from respected companies like Selitta. And thanks to Farer’s direct-to-consumer business model, they’re a fair bit cheaper, too.

Farer Resolute Stainless Strap watch

Final Word

If you’re looking for something more unique than what you’ll find in your local shopping mall but with the high quality you expect from established Swiss brands, look no further than Farer.

This is a brand whose passion and attention to detail really shine through in their products and whose confident use of color will provide you with the right pairing for any style in your wardrobe.

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