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There’s nothing I love more than going on holiday, but whoever said life is about the journey, not the destination, had quite clearly never packed for one.

Whether you’re a frequent flier or a once-per-year guy, no one really enjoys the logistics of pre-airport preparation. One minute you’re worrying about forgetting your sunglasses, the next you’re stressing over luggage allowances or trying to jam another pair of sneakers into a case that’s clearly not big enough.

It’s a nightmare, but one Halfday seems to take in its stride.

Driven by innovation and inspired by the excitement of travel, the forward-thinking brand has created a plethora of multi-functional bags and accessories designed to instantly up your packing game.

Whether you’re heading for the hills of Tuscany or wandering the cobblestoned streets of Rome, allow me to introduce some of the standout pieces that’ll give you a head start on your next getaway—and who knows, you might even start to enjoy it (packing, that is).

Key Takeaways

Learning how to pack like a pro starts with having the right luggage—especially when it comes to city breaks and weekend trips. Go too big and you’ll wish you took a carryall; too small and the vacation becomes one humongous juggling act.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some rather stylish solutions, including a duffel bag and toiletry kit, courtesy of Halfday—the organizational expert that’s culling the crammers and enhancing the way men, and women, travel.

Gif of packing a suit duffle bag

The Premium Garment Duffel

The Premium Garment Duffel

If you’ve ever been on a business trip or attended a beachside wedding, you’ll know the struggles of transporting a suit. Sure, there’s special ways you can fold it, but chances are it’ll still end up in a crumpled mess.

With Halfday’s carry-on friendly Premium Garment Duffel, you can tuck it away neatly, as you would in a garment bag, as well as pack around 3-5 days’ worth of clothes (including shoes and accessories).

There’s a padded laptop sleeve, three external pockets, and multiple others inside. Not forgetting it’s water and abrasion-resistant.

When you’re not using it, it’ll fold completely flat (great for storage), plus you’ll find a trolley sleeve that means it can be popped onto the top of your suitcase and secured on the handles.

The Sidekick Tech Kit

the Side kick Tech Kit bag
halfdaytravel / Instagram

Just as Batman needed Robin and Frodo was nothing without Samwise Gamgee, you’ll likely be a lost cause if you don’t add this Sidekick Tech Kit to your traveling repertoire.

A mobile home for your prized electronics, including your cell, charger, and AirPods, the sleek and compact organizer offers secure, intuitive storage whenever you’re on the move.

A must-have for overnight stays and long-haul flights alike, it’s crafted from a splash-resistant 420D exterior material with an integrated rear kickstand that flips out to allow on-the-road streaming and video calls.

The Sidecar Toiletry Kit

The Sidecar Toiletry Kit
halfdaytravel / Instagram

The ideal travel companion, Halfday’s Sidecar Kit is going to solve a lot of your pre-packing toiletry issues. Designed to go with the Premium Garment Duffel, it’s perfectly sized to fit in all of a man’s grooming essentials, from toothbrushes and mouthwash to nail clippers and tweezers.

Perhaps my favorite feature is the reusable waterproof pouch that fits neatly into the main compartment for instant access at airport security—so there’ll be no rushing back to the entrance with your shoes half on and a belt making its way to your ankles.

an open sidekick tech kit bag by halfday
halfdaytravel / Instagram

Reasons We Love Halfday


The Bear Grylls of baggage, Halfday is up for any challenge and ready to flourish. Whether you’re embarking on an outdoor adventure, heading to the gym, or flying far away, the brand’s versatile products will seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle.

Customer Satisfaction

With thousands of five-star reviews, Halfday excels in customer satisfaction. Through attentive customer service, a generous return policy, and a dedication to quality bags and accessories, it ensures that every purchase is a positive experience.


It’s crystal clear that the brand has thought about everything. From integrated toothbrush holders to dedicated airport security-friendly features, they go above and beyond to make travel and daily routines smoother.

Man Carrying a Green Duffel bag by Halfday

Final Word

With Halfday on my side, I’ve discovered that packing doesn’t have to be such a stressful ordeal. Reward yourself today with the innovative design of these first-class bags so you can finally focus on the good stuff: the airport pint, a greasy breakfast, and testing out more duty-free colognes than what is deemed socially acceptable.

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